The Protector

Chapter: 1606

“Why? Do you Tuoba clan dare to touch the people we like in Wushuang City?”

Wushuangcheng shouted coldly.

“The seedling in Wushuang City, how dare we?”

“We are just here to avenge! This person killed our Tuoba clan, and we are here to avenge!”

“Just kill him, we leave immediately!”

Tuoba Zunpeng stated very clearly and would not hit Junjun’s idea.

“You can’t kill Dad!”

Jun Jun said milky voice.


“He is the father of this child, no one can move!”

The people in Wushuang City immediately shouted.

“I warn you Tuoba family. From now on, this child’s family is under the protection of Wushuang City. Whoever wants to move will have a dead end!”

Jun Jun is of great value.

Enough for Wushuangcheng to protect everything.


The expressions of everyone in Tuoba’s clan changed drastically.

If Wushuang City covers Ye Junlin, wouldn’t they be unable to take revenge?

“Nian Zai Tuoba Zunwan broke the covenant of the gods and set us free. We will not pursue this matter, otherwise we will kill without mercy!”

Facing the threat of Wushuang City, the Tuoba clan could only break their teeth and swallow in their stomachs.

Otherwise, there is no other way.

“Hey, you quarreled and quarreled, did you put me in your eyes? This is my home, my site!”

At this moment, Ye Junlin’s impatient voice sounded.

Immediately, everyone’s eyes were on Ye Junlin.

Everyone was surprised.

Does an ordinary person dare to speak among a bunch of supreme-level powerhouses?

I really don’t know how high the sky is!

“Hurry up and get out! Otherwise I will kill you all!”

Ye Junlin pointed to the Tuoba family.

The tone is domineering and aggressive.

Let everyone have a trace of trance.

It seems that he really has this strength.

Ye Junlin looked at the people in Wushuang City again, and said coldly: “You guys go quickly too! My daughter can teach it by herself, no other people are needed!”

Everyone: “…”.

Everyone was taken aback.

Ye Junlin is too domineering, too mad, right?

Don’t pay attention to Tuoba Clan and Wushuang City?

“What are you doing in a daze? Get out of here!”

“It’s Wushuang City’s private matter now!”

The beginning of Wushuang City warned the Tuoba family.


Tuoba Zunpeng ordered.

The Tuoba clan left soon.

Xiao Feng in the Central Theater has been staring at Jiangbei’s dynamics.

Seeing Tuoba’s family evacuated.

He smiled relaxedly.

“I just said that the teacher has a way? Now his crisis is resolved, and we can rest assured!”

“In addition, we need to work harder! So next time the teacher is in trouble, we can directly protect it! Not like this!”

the other side.

Ye Junlin confronted Wushuangcheng.

Several elders from Wushuang City came to Ye Junlin.

“Okay, let’s talk about our business now!”

“We will inform you that your daughter has officially been accepted as an apprentice by Wushuang City!”

“Let’s put it this way? Her talent is the strongest we have ever seen! We will use all our resources to train her! Don’t worry about her!”

“And you can rest assured that your family is under the protection of Wushuang City!”

The other party expresses his attitude directly.

Especially when the great elders saw Jun Jun, their faces were full of smiles.

Looking at Jun Jun’s appearance, the more I look at it, the more I like it.

The main reason is that the value of Jun Jun is too great.

Wushuang City must hurry up before other people know about it, take the Junjun away and train it first.

After cultivating a monarch, Wushuang City may be able to have a legendary appearance in the future.

That is, the supreme level sixth heaven and above.

“I don’t agree, Jun Jun, I can cultivate it by myself!”

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