The Protector

Chapter: 1607

Ye Junlin looked down on these people.

He has never heard of Wushuang City.

Only believe in yourself and the prison elder.

Who can be better than him?


Besides, Wushuang City didn’t take it seriously.


As soon as Ye Junlin said this, everyone in Wushuang City was stunned.

What’s the meaning?

Look down on them?

Do the Tuoba clan dare to look down on them?

Dare not!

How can an ordinary person dared to speak madly?

The elders of Wushuang City were dumbfounded by Ye Junlin’s words.

“My daughter’s aptitude is very good, which shows that you still have vision! But she can be trained by me. I am not at ease with other people, and they are not qualified!”

Ye Junlin told the truth.

But this sentence has offended Wushuang City to death.

“What do you mean? My Wushuang City is not qualified?”


“To tell you the truth, the one who wants to accept your daughter as a disciple is the old city lord of our Wushuang City!”

“He is a supreme level five heavenly powerhouse! The Tuoba clan just now, he can destroy it with his fingers!”

“Not only that, the four elders of Wushuang City, that is, the four Supreme-level Quadruple Heavenly Powers, will also train your daughter together!”

When several elders said this, dozens of other people in Wushuang City who came with him were startled.


too terrifying!

I thought the apprentice was one of the elders.

Unexpectedly, he is the strongest city lord of Wushuang City!

The other four elders should also give in to each other.

This is taking the entire Wushuang City to gamble on the future of the Lord!

If other supreme-level powerhouses or forces heard it, they would be shocked to drop their jaws.

This is a great honor!

Use the power of Wushuangcheng to raise a child!

This is rare in the world!

But on the other hand, it also shows how terrifying Junjun’s talent is.

“I’ll take care of your city lord, but it’s not qualified anyway!”

Ye Junlin said coldly.

Dare to grab his daughter?


“What’s wrong with him? Just take the child away!”

The second elder of Wushuang City was grumpy and dissatisfied.

“Yeah, what are we talking nonsense with an ordinary person?”

Everyone in Wushuang City reacted one by one.

They are about to take Junjun away.

Ye Junlin held Junjun in his arms.

“I see who dares to move? Don’t force me to do it!”

Ye Junlin scanned everyone’s face coldly.

“Ye Junlin, do you want to do something with us?”

“We have known you before. When you were the king of the word side by side, you were really strong! There is no master-level powerhouse to be your opponent! But at that time you were at best a pseudo-superior-level powerhouse!”

“At that time, you were not able to challenge us, not to mention you who are ordinary people now!”

Wushuang City Third Elder sneered.

“You can try!”

Ye Junlin stood against her.

“Come, take it, take the kid away!”

The second elder ordered directly.

Just as the swords were drawn, Li Ziran and a large group of people ran in.

Among them are the Western Shu Emperor and Tang Bei Dao.

Almost all the senior officials of the Western Shu family came.

When these people came, they all knelt before everyone in Wushuang City.

It turns out that the legends recorded in the ancient books of the clan of Western Shu all came from Wushuang City.

Even most of the inheritance of the Western Shu family is Wushuangcheng.

Wushuang City is their ancestor…

Now that Wushuang City is about to accept monarchs as disciples, everyone rushes in excitement.

“Ye Junlin, what are you blocking? You can be accepted as an apprentice by Wushuang City. This is definitely the greatest glory of your life!”

“In the future, even you and Ziran will also take off!”

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