The Protector

Chapter: 1618

Yanlongwei also discussed with the medical king family about the restoration of Ye Junlin’s martial arteries, and the medical king family’s help Daxia build a supreme powerhouse.

Everyone can’t avoid interests.

As long as the conditions are in place, there will be plenty of people who can give you their lives.

Even the supreme-level powerhouse.

Not only that.

New weapons developed in various war zones in Daxia are slowly being equipped with soldiers.

It is said that some new types of weapons and equipment can defeat super-powerful fighters.

Ancient martial arts are powerful, and modern technology and weapons are not covered.

Regardless of the calm and calm all over the world, there are almost no cases where the supreme-level powerhouses take action.

But in fact, he has entered the dark world.

Just wait for one point to fully explode.

How could this group of supreme-level powerhouses allow a group of ordinary people to control the world.

They will turn this world into a cruel hell where the strong are respected.

In addition, the makers of the covenant of the gods will not care, they are afraid that they want to see the new order of the world.

Yan Longwei was aware of this and he actively prepared for the battle.

Of course, there are good and bad supreme-level powerhouses.

Well-known decent.

There are also evil ways.

The supreme-level powerhouses who can be invited by the Yanlongwei, most of them have the world in their hearts.

But a large part of the evil ways are crooked, they practice some weird magic and martial arts.

For example, fresh human blood is needed, babies are needed, and so on.

They are cruel and violent, if they are used by others, it will be a great harm to Daxia.

If the enemy has an army of hundreds of thousands, the supreme-level powerhouses in it are like clouds, and they are all brutal evil ways.

Who can stop this?

When they attacked, it was a disaster.

What Yan Longwei must prevent most is them.

Wushuang city.

Brother Jiang Haozhe mixed up and discussed how to get rid of Junjun.

“Brother, please quickly say, don’t buy it.”

Everyone looked at Jiang Haozhe impatiently.

“You said, what if the major forces in Daxia knew about Junjun’s talents?”

Jiang Haozhe asked.

“That’s definitely a berserk!”

“There is one thing to say, this kid’s talent is better than all of us! If you want other people to know, you will definitely get it crazy!”

“Big brother, do you mean to reveal this information, and then let someone grab it?”

Someone asked.

“You are stupid, if everyone comes to grab, it is very likely that Wushuang City will be destroyed! It is not good for us!”

“Junjun’s talents need to be revealed, but at most it can only be revealed to a group of forces! Let them directly snatch Junjun from Wushuang City!”

Everyone looked at Jiang Haozhe: “How do you say?”

“It’s better to be the crooked way of Wushuang City without a method!”

“Those who get this kid from crooked ways will probably not be able to cultivate them, they will use them to practice weird techniques!”

“In this way, our confidant troubles are removed, and Wushuang City dare not pursue it!”

After listening, everyone laughed.

“It’s a good way to kill someone with a knife!”

“It seems that the big brother has arranged it?”

“That’s natural! I will reveal the message in a while!”

Two days later, in the night, Wushuang City suddenly became chaotic.

“Jun Jun was taken away!!!”

“Jun Jun was taken away!!!”

The city lord, the four great elders and the masters of Wushuang City all came out.

“Master, save me!”

A crisp child voice came from the top of the building.

Where is a black figure away.

Like the devil.

“This little baby is taught by my black god!”

He grabbed Jun Jun and left quickly.

“Quickly chase!!!”

The masters of Wushuang City began to pursue them.

It just can’t catch up at all.


Fu Qiu roared with anger.

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