The Protector

Chapter: 1620

An accident happened just two days after he came back!

Fortunately, Jun Jun has a rescue device on his body.

Otherwise he doesn’t even know.

According to the location where the rescuer was sent back, it was already 300 kilometers away from Wushuang City.

“Whoever touches my daughter, I let who die!”

“Quickly, quickly, arrive at the fastest speed!”

Ye Junlin can go to the location of the Black God Sect to save Junjun.

Wushuang city.

Still lifeless.

Everyone didn’t even have the courage to save people.

Jiang Haozhe and they are very happy.

Finally got rid of the big troubles.

At this time Li Ziran woke up.

I again begged Master and them to save people.

“You save Junjun, don’t you say Junjun is the hope for the future?”

“Are you so afraid of the Black God Sect?”

Li Ziran’s words stung Fu Qiufeng.

“Save! We must save!”

“Why not save?”

Fu Qiufeng shouted.

“How to save?”

The four elders and the others all came together.

“The Black God Sect is stronger than us, we admit it! But for the future of Wushuang City, we are fighting!”

“But Wushuang City will not act alone. I will gather all the supreme powerhouses in Shu and unite them to deal with the Black God Sect!”

Fu Qiufeng said.

“Okay, this is a good way! Let’s go quickly!”

The solution has been established, and everyone has started to implement it.

Li Ziran saw hope.

Weeping with joy.

“Sister-in-law, do you want to tell my brother? See if there is any way he can do it? This way the chances are greater!”

Zhou Nanyan asked.

Li Ziran immediately shook his head: “No, no! Don’t tell King’s Landing!”

“He is an ordinary person now, what can be done?”

“Daxia’s laws and rules don’t apply to these strong people, let him know that not only is it unnecessary to say, but it makes him anxious to get angry!”

“Nan Yan, don’t tell your brother about this matter, even if Junjun is rescued, don’t mention it! It just doesn’t happen before!”

Li Ziran asked.

Zhou Nanyan nodded.

Now this situation is really not suitable for Ye Junlin to know.

Knowing that it will only be anxious and will not help.

The current era is unfair to ordinary people.

Soon, Wushuang City fully assembled the seven forces.

Among them, there are several powerhouses of the Supreme Quadruple Heaven.

“Master Fu, you called us together, what’s the matter?”

Someone asked.

Fu Qiufeng didn’t tell the truth.

Tell everyone that you want to unite everyone to destroy the Black God Sect.

“Black God Sect? Are you crazy?”

“I dare not!”

“I don’t dare!”

“Walk around…”

What makes everyone think of is that the Black God Sect has just been mentioned.

Everyone was scared away.

In fact, everyone is afraid of the Black God Sect.

This kind of plague god is too late to hide.

Go to take the initiative to destroy it?

how is this possible!

For a while, everyone in Wushuang City was dumbfounded.

Fu Qiufeng sat there in despair.

He didn’t think these people were more afraid of the Black God Sect than him.

Where are Jiang Haozhe laughing…

Black God Sect is what you can handle?

“Master, recognize the reality! After all, we Wushuang City have no relationship with Junjun, and we can’t lose big because of small things. It will be troublesome if Wushuang City is destroyed!”

Jiang Haozhe said.


Fu Qiufeng sighed.

Looking at the appearance, Fu Qiufeng gave up.

In order to keep Wushuang City safe, Fu Qiufeng had to give up.

“No! You have to save you!!!!”

“Please, give it a try!”

Li Ziran roared hysterically.

It’s just that no one cares about her…

the other side.

Ye Junlin reached the Black God Sect at the fastest speed.

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