The Protector

Chapter: 1635

“City Lord, it’s not good, the place they went just now was near the tomb of the Old City Lord!”

“It seems that the old city lord made a shot, and the surroundings have been razed!”

At this moment, the guard guarding the forbidden area ran over and shouted.

It depicts a terrible battle scene.

That was clearly left by the Supreme Grade Sixth Heavenly Powerhouse.

Fu Qiufeng frowned.

“Are you going near the tomb of the old city lord?”

Jiang Haozhe nodded.

“Presumptuous! The forbidden area of ​​the Old City Lord is also a place you can go to?”

Fu Qiufeng shouted loudly.

“I understand, it must be the Old City Lord who beat them like this, and it was the Old City Lord who asked them to take the initiative to admit their mistakes!”

The great elder said suddenly.

Everyone feels so.

After all, Ye Junlin is an ordinary person.

How could it be possible to beat Jiang Haozhe of the Supreme Grade Triple Heaven like this.

They definitely wanted to teach Ye Junlin, the Old City Lord had taken action.

“Then I have a question. Why is Ye Junlin sure that they leaked the information? How did he know?”

Someone asked questions.

“It’s not easy? What did Ye Junlin do before? Even though his strength is not there, the intelligence is much better than we thought! It is estimated that after he knew that Junjun was captured, he went to the Black God Sect. The breath of the gods!”

Fu Qiufeng explained.

“Yes, that’s wrong, Junjun does have a tracker on him, my husband made it!”

Li Ziran nodded.

“Understood, understood!”

“This Ye Junlin is no ordinary person, but he wants to thank the Old City Lord!”

“Oh, yes!”

In the end, Jiang Haozhe got the punishment they deserved.

Wushuang City is completely calm.

But everywhere in the world is not peaceful at all.

Secretly, the Union army recruited troops.

Not only that, they search all kinds of resources all over the world.

All resources that can enhance combat effectiveness are in their goals.

Especially some powerful weapons, they have been coveted for a long time.

Somewhere in the manor of the war eagle country.

“Jefferson, are you really going to Daxia?”

Several people looked at a silver-haired man and asked.

What is surprising is that the silver-haired man is all made of machinery.

Robotic arms, robotic legs, and even winged aircraft…

The key is not to cover a layer of machinery, but to fuse flesh and blood and machinery.

Even his heart and many organs are mechanical.

He is just like a person, neither a ghost nor a ghost.

But this makes him super powerful…

The silver-haired man’s cold face was full of excitement. He smiled and said: “I found a meteorite iron in the Daxia Jiangbei Museum, which is the most suitable for upgrading my body! If I get it, my strength will increase at least twice! “

“But the owner deliberately instructed not to harass Daxia now, so as not to startle the snake!”

“What’s more, you are going to steal something, and it was discovered. It’s very dangerous!”

Someone nearby persuaded.

Jefferson said angrily: “Bah! What is stealing? Should I get something?”

“Daxia will be ours sooner or later! I just took my things in advance, how can I be called stealing?”

“That’s true! Daxia was soon divided up! At that time Daxia’s land, money, resources, and women belonged to us!”

“We do what we want! Hehehe…”

Several people laughed.

Soon, Jefferson set off for Daxia.

Soon after, a man came to the manor, it was the man in the trench coat who formed the alliance army.

“What? My brother went to Daxia?”

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