The Protector

Chapter: 1636

It turns out that the robot Jefferson is the younger brother of the man in the windbreaker…

“Who told him to go? Let him come back quickly! It’s dangerous!”

Shouted the man in the trench coat.

“Master, Mr. Jefferson has been away for a long time, and no one dares to stop the things he decides!”

Several people knelt on the ground and shivered.

The man in the windbreaker sighed and said, “Hu Hong, it’s just nonsense! He went to Da Xia, not to mention that it might be dangerous!”

“Then what does the master do now? He should have arrived in Daxia!”

“Should we send a master to pick him up?”

The man in the windbreaker immediately shook his head: “No! Once we have a big action, Daxia will definitely be vigilant, and our alliance army’s plan will fall to nowhere!”

“I can only pray that he will come back safely!”

“It’s okay if you get caught. Then, in the name of War Eagle Nation, you can put pressure on Daxia to send it back!”

“Understood! Let’s contact the senior officials of the War Eagle Nation!”

On the other side, Ye Junlin returned to Jiangbei from Wushuang City.

On the outskirts of Jiangbei, he happened to ran into Jefferson, who had just come to Daxia.

“Gentile? Supreme powerhouse?”

A smile appeared at the corner of Ye Junlin’s mouth.


There is absolutely no good thing.

After returning home.

Ye Junlin immediately contacted Xiao Feng and others.

“Come to Jiangbei quickly and stare at someone!”

After Ye Junlin gave the order.

Xiao Feng brought several people to Jiangbei and stared at Jefferson.

In the evening, Jefferson swaggered to Jiangbei Museum.

He glanced around and said with a smile: “Soon, it’s all ours here!”

“You Daxia is going to fall, and both women and men will become our slaves!”

While talking and laughing, Jefferson entered the museum.

In a cabinet of a booth, there was a huge meteorite iron!

This is 13 years ago, the meteorite fell to Jiangbei.

Later, it was discovered that this outer meteorite iron was very valuable and huge.

So put it in the museum.


Jefferson’s mechanical arm made a sound, fists clenched.



The bulletproof glass cabinet was blasted open by him with a punch.

You must know that this is specially reinforced bullet-proof glass, even the artillery can not be broken.

He punched…


His punch triggered the siren, and the sirens rang loudly.

But Jefferson picked up the meteorite iron and left without hurriedly.

What if the alarm is triggered?

Can these ants stop him?

What surprised Jefferson was that there was no one to stop him.

The entire museum is empty.

“A bunch of rubbish! It really deserves its reputation!”

“Born to be a slave!”

Jefferson said angrily when someone came to stop him.

When he came to the door holding the meteorite iron from the outer world, he was stunned.

Because at the door, Xiao Feng and several people were waiting.

“Good, you thief, dare to come to Daxia to steal things!”

Xiao Feng scolded.

“Ho ho? Steal things? Can I take them? Daxia will be ours soon. These things are ours! Even your mother, wife, and daughter are ours!”

“You men can only be slaves and grab food from a group of wild dogs!”

Jefferson laughed loudly, not paying attention to everyone.

After Xiao Feng heard this, everyone was furious.

But Ye Junlin at the end was thoughtful.

“Leave me aside, or I will kill you all!”

Jefferson said angrily.

“Really? You want to kill us all?”

Xiao Fengji’s popularity came out.

Jefferson’s face changed drastically.

“They are all supreme?”

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