The Protector

Chapter: 1637

This is what Jefferson hadn’t thought of anyway.

Five supreme-level powerhouses will appear all at once!

There are many pseudo-extreme-level powerhouses behind him!

“Take it!!!”

With an order from Ye Junlin, Xiao Feng’s group immediately moved.

Although Jefferson was very strong, he was still caught in the face of so many masters.

“Dare to go to Daxia to steal something? You are brave!”

Ye Junlin sneered.

“Bah, a bunch of slaves! Quickly let me go! Otherwise you will all die!”

Jefferson scolded.


Ye Junlin slapped Jefferson’s face fiercely.


Jefferson’s skin was ripped apart from this slap, almost dying.

Jefferson was dumbfounded.

He had just detected it with an instrument, and Ye Junlin was undoubtedly an ordinary person.

Why does he have such terrifying power?

“What should Master do?”

Xiao Feng asked for instructions.

“Catch it back, lock it up and talk about it! Stealing things from the museum is a big crime!”

Ye Jun approached.

Jefferson immediately panicked when he heard it.

“You can’t catch me! I don’t steal anything! Besides, this was originally mine, and soon Daxia will also be ours!”

Jefferson shouted.


Ye Junlin slapped his face again.

Jefferson still yelled: “Do you know who I am? Let me go immediately. I am from the Eagle Nation, and you will all die if you offend me!”

“Do you have any evidence that I stole something?”

Jefferson laughed wildly.

“Are you mentally disabled? Surveillance everywhere!”

Ye Junlin patted him on the face.


Jefferson stared at Ye Junlin angrily.


Seeing this kid staring at him, Ye Junlin slammed his face with a fist, splashing blood.

“Try staring at me again?”


“Still staring at me?”


After Ye Junlin’s punches in a row, Jefferson was completely unrecognizable.

People are also honest.

He looked at Ye Junlin in horror.

I was horrified.

According to rumors, Daxia is a group of waste.

Daxia is a coward and coward.

If you are bullied, you can only swallow your breath, don’t you dare to put a fart?

How did he meet all horizontal!

Even an ordinary person is so horizontal?

Punched and kicked him a supreme powerhouse!

This is also terrible!

“Okay, you can get me up. But you have to release me soon!”

Jefferson smiled.

He knew that Da Xia did not dare to cause trouble.

Once his people knew, they would definitely put pressure on Daxia through the War Eagle Nation.

In order to calm things down, Da Xia would definitely let him go.

It’s always the case!

Daxia doesn’t want to cause trouble every time, so he will make big things small and small ones.

So Jefferson was not worried at all.

There was even a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Looking at Ye Junlin rather arrogantly.

“So much nonsense!”




Ye Junlin punched and kicked Jefferson.

“I surrender, I surrender! I served, I served…”

Jefferson’s face was not made mechanically, it was real flesh and blood.

Under Ye Junlin’s heavy blow, he was bloody.

He can’t stand it either.

“Bring back!”

Finally, Xiao Feng and the others took Jefferson to Ye Junlin’s residence.

Use a big iron cage to lock him up.

“You…you shut me up like a dog! You…”

Just as Jefferson was about to say something cruel, he immediately closed his mouth when he saw Ye Junlin’s eyes.

“Without my order, no one can let him go!”

Ye Junlin gave the order.

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