The Protector

Chapter: 1641

Either Fan greeted.

Wang Qian also shouted: “Xiao Feng, all of you come over and escort Mr. Jefferson away!”

“If Ye Junlin dares to do something, you will stop him!”

It’s just that Xiao Feng and others stood outside, motionless, as if they couldn’t hear it.

“Xiao Feng, what are you doing? I hear no one!”

Wang Qian shouted.

It’s just that Xiao Feng and the others didn’t react at all.

“Xiao Feng, you…”

Wang Qian wanted to scold him very much.

But considering Xiao Feng’s strength, he still held back.

“This is Master’s site. We listen to Master. If you want to bring someone, bring it yourself!”

Xiao Feng said coldly.


Wang Qian and Yifan were about to explode.

Ye Junlin smiled: “I have given you the key, and people have given you the key. Don’t blame me if you can’t take it away!”


Either fan really wants to vomit blood.

What’s this?

“Mr. Jefferson, please trust us, we will definitely take you out safely and send you back to Warhawk Nation!”

“With us, what if Ye Junlin dare not take you?”

The two decided to fight it out.

It is bound to take Jefferson out of here.

It’s just that Jefferson looked up and saw Ye Junlin’s smiling face.

It’s like seeing the devil smile, all trembling, with unwillingness written all over his face.

He had no doubt that as long as he stepped out of the iron cage, Ye Junlin would take down all the machinery on his body.

“I won’t go out! It’s nice here, I won’t go out!”

Jefferson also pushed out Yifan and Wang Qian himself, and locked the door himself.

And threw the key far away.



Neither Fan nor Wang Qian knew what to say.

I never thought that this would happen.

Jefferson would be frightened by Ye Junlin.

Either fan can only fail and return.

Tell Yan Longwei everything.

“In fact, Ye Junlin’s approach is not wrong! Show me the hard side of Daxia!”

“Yes, I committed a crime in Daxia, so you can leave so easily?”

“I can’t swallow this breath!”

Most of Yan Longwei agreed with Ye Junlin’s approach.

Wang Qian and Yifan immediately said: “What you said is really wrong! But now that you can calm things down if you can calm them down!”

“That’s right, now the supreme-level powerhouse has joined the world! Dangers are everywhere, and you can’t afford it if you don’t have friction!”

Everyone also thinks what these two people said makes sense.

“Report, Wiggins, the ambassador sent by the Warhawk Nation, is here, and they asked to bring people directly! They are aggressive! They even want to grab people!”

At this moment, a report came from outside.

“Either fan or the two of you should go! It is estimated that Ye Junlin will be able to release people after seeing the ambassador of the War Eagle Nation! After all, he is such a smart person who can see the situation clearly!”

“Yes, it is not suitable for a conflict in Daxia now! Our strength is not enough, we still need time to accumulate!”

A few hours later, Ye Junlin saw the group of people returning.

He was taken aback.

It’s fast enough.

But seeing a few foreign faces next to him, he understood.

“Come to bring someone?”

Ye Junlin asked.

“Yes, we are here to bring people!”

Wiggins answered.

“Where is the key, take someone away by yourself!”

Ye Junlin pointed to the location of the key.

This made Wiggins a few people stunned, Ye Junlin was so easy to talk.

It’s not like what they said just now!

Wiggins took the key and opened the iron cage.

“Go, Jefferson!”

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