The Protector

Chapter: 1644

“By the way, the next step is to contact the Supreme Powers of Daxia! There are also Supreme Powers in the surrounding East Island, Star Country and other regions!”

“At that time, I will disintegrate Daxia inside and outside, so that Daxia has no place to be safe!”

The man in the trench coat showed a crazy smile.

When the time comes, the supreme-level powerhouses in Daxia will attack, and the surrounding areas will also be their people.

Thinking about it, I feel terrible.

“Hurry up! Hurry up! Don’t let Daxia react!”

The man in the windbreaker then accelerated the formation of the alliance army.

Attempt to capture Daxia as soon as possible.

Rescue his brother as soon as possible.

“Today, I am going to meet an important person to help me prepare a cruise ship!”

Half a day later, the man in the windbreaker took a cruise ship to the endless sea.

This is an area known as the Devil’s Sea.

The weather is unpredictable, and storms and thunderstorms occur all the time.

Any ships and planes that approach here often disappear…

Therefore, this place was listed as a forbidden place by navigators, and they would not dare to come if they were killed.

The captain and his crew were shivering when they didn’t know the situation.

“Master, let’s leave, this place is too dangerous!”

The man in the windbreaker looked calm, he smiled and said: “Do you think I don’t know this is the Devil Sea?”

“But do you know? There is a Sea King Palace hidden in the Devil Sea!”


Everyone gasped.

There are still people living in the Devil Sea area?

“You might not expect this group of people to live here all year round. It can be said that they are invincible in the sea!”

“The most terrifying thing about the Sea King Palace is that they have the supreme-level Sixth Heavenly powerhouse. There may be more than one. There are seven or eight Supreme-level 5th Heavenly powerhouses! The others are even more unimaginable!”

“Under this harsh environment, more and more the strong can be trained!”

Everyone sighed.

“So I say they are invincible in the sea!”

The man in the trench coat smiled.

“So Master, are you here to invite Sea King Palace to join the Alliance Army?”

“Well, it’s wrong!”

The man in the windbreaker nodded.


At this moment, suddenly there was a thunderstorm in the sky.

The stormy sea raged and ravaged the cruise ship.

Everyone panicked.

“They show up!”

The man in the windbreaker smiled.

His voice just fell off.


There was a wave of shaking mountains.

I saw an ancient palace slowly emerging from the bottom of the sea, slowly emerging from the sea.

“This… God! My God!”

Everyone was terrified.

Can’t imagine what kind of building this is.

It was pulled out of the sea.

Finally, the man in the windbreaker met with Haiwangdian, and after several hours of discussion, they reached a consensus goal.

At the same time, the Golden Temple and the Holy Sword Temple in Western Continent also agreed to join the alliance.

The Apocalypse of Northern Continent and the Sky Shield Bureau also joined the alliance.

Yan Luodian in Nanfang Continent, etc. also participated in the alliance.

The people they contacted before were all alone or four or five supreme-level powerhouses.

Now begin to contact the major forces.

For example, the Sea King Palace and the like, they are more powerful.

All of a sudden, several powerhouses of the Supreme Grade Sixth Heaven appeared.

This is a god-like existence.

Even among the supreme-level powerhouses, it can be called the existence of gods.

And it is still increasing, which is the most terrifying.

It is impossible to imagine what kind of chemical reaction will occur when so many powerful people gather together, and how powerful it will be.

The atmosphere of the war is getting stronger and stronger.

Especially the tranquility before the storm is the most suffocating.

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