The Protector

Chapter: 1646

Several people urged Fu Qiufeng.

Even Li Ziran and Zhou Nanyan felt that everyone was right.

Just as the king of Shu Tian saved the emperor before, this time the old city lord saved the emperor.

Ye Junlin, the father, should kneel down and thank him.

“When you are in King’s Landing, you knelt down and kowtow to thank you. They are the old elders, and they saved Junjun again!”

“What’s more, you all knelt down to thank the King Shu at the beginning! What is this?”

Upon hearing this, Ye Junlin was stunned.

“When did I knelt down to thank that kid?”

His apprentice, dare to make him kneel down?

“A lot of people have seen it, you kneel down for him, you don’t want to be brave!”

Li Ziran looked helpless.

I think Ye Junlin is too strong.

Obviously see the facts.

Little did he know that when he was too far away, it was the King of Shu who knelt down for Ye Junlin.

“Okay, I don’t need him to kneel! Annoying!”

Fu Qiufeng looked impatient.

After letting the monarch thank you, let them leave.

However, Fu Qiufeng sent a large number of masters to protect Jun Jun, and almost came with him.


After returning to Jiangbei.

Li Zhao’s family and the Western Shu gates prepared a grand welcoming ceremony.

Firecrackers sounded, gongs and drums were noisy.

Junjun, Li Ziran and Zhou Nanyan are everyone’s hope.

It’s not just because of identity.

Even if the strength of the three people is now placed in the West Shu gate clan, they are all very important.

“We are not disappointed! Ziran and Nanyan are both great masters now!”

“You two are really the proud girls of heaven, you are not bad in every aspect! What do you want?”

“Today’s banquet is for you!”

Several companies jointly hosted a grand dinner.

“Ye Jun is here, you sit at another table! Is this a place where you can sit?”

Ye Junlin was going to sit at a table with Li Ziran and the others, but was rushed to another table.

Think he is qualified.


In everyone’s eyes, Ye Junlin is just an ordinary person with a past.

It doesn’t match the rosy plum dye at all.

Neither one is good enough!

Especially when Li Ziran became a master-level powerhouse, he was even more unqualified.

The three of Jun Jun were arranged on the most important table.

Li Wenyuan and Zhao Yalan also fully accepted Li Ziran as their current martial artist.

After all, times are changing.

Many hidden warriors have already lived with ordinary people.

“Hey, I said my daughter is capable! I got married early!”

Zhao Yalan sighed.

Other people are also in the mood of eating flies.

Now that the identity gap between Ye Junlin and Li Ziran is getting bigger and bigger, Junjun will stand at the top in the future.

Everyone can’t understand it.

You have no idea.

“Ye Junlin also contributed! After all, there is no such genius as Junjun!”

The Emperor Xi Shu said with a smile.

“Haha, that’s true! His greatest value is to give birth to a monarch!”

Tang Beidao also smiled.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Everyone laughed.

When Li Songkui and Zhang Wentao heard them, they leaned forward and laughed directly.

“A man’s greatest contribution is to have children! Hahaha…”

“Ye Junlin, you have lost our man’s face completely!”

“You really are not a man! You have become a tool for giving birth!”

Everyone looked at Ye Junlin with strange eyes.

When the Western Shu Emperor and Tang Beidao said so, everyone in the audience ridiculed Ye Junlin.

Suddenly Ye Junlin stood up and hooked his fingers at the two of them: “Come out!”

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