The Protector

Chapter: 1650

“Yes, you must know that everyone is a supreme-level powerhouse, I don’t know how Ye Junlin offended you?”

The man was surprised.

Everyone in the Sanxing Group changed their expressions.

“Because Ye Junlin drove us out of Daxia and disrupted our layout!”

“He even beheaded the future heir of Sanxing Group! How can I bear this!”

“That should be killed! At that time, Ye Junlin’s family will give you all. You can torture as you want!”

The man smiled.

“I heard that Sanxing Group’s technology and biological gene technology are advanced, and you have privately created many existences comparable to the supreme-level powerhouses! We need you to give clear numbers! We need to work out a detailed combat plan!”

The senior officials of Sanxing Group looked at each other, and finally told the general data.


After the man finished reading, he gasped.

“This, this… is terrifying, the combat effectiveness of the Sanxing Group is five times stronger than we thought!”

The man looked surprised.

“It is estimated that this is not even the supreme-level powerhouses you recently recruited. It is estimated that when all of them add up, it is seven or eight times stronger than we expected!”

The man smiled.

Several members of the Sanxing Group did not refute it.

Because after the covenant of the gods was torn up, they recruited many supreme powerhouses in the name of Sanxing Group.

Many companies cooperate with Sanxing Group.

“As long as it is dealing with Daxia, we are willing to contribute all our efforts!”

“Originally, we wanted to keep this secret desperately. Since the Alliance army is going to deal with Daxia, it doesn’t matter if we say it!”

The Sanxing Group suddenly wanted to tell a secret.

This made the person stunned.

“What’s the secret?”

“Now everyone knows that the supreme-level powerhouse represents the strongest force! Even artillery bombing is not useful!”

“But do you know? But there is a weapon specifically aimed at the supreme powerhouse!”


After listening, the man’s face changed drastically.

An unbelievable look.

“There is this weapon?”

“Wrong, we witnessed it with our own eyes! A supreme-level powerhouse was hit by this weapon and disappeared! Even the corpse can’t be left! Even the soul consciousness is defeated!”

“The chief engineer who designed this weapon said that this weapon is based on a one-point explosion, and there is no supreme-level powerhouse that can stop it, unless the realm is very high!”

“Once it is put into use, it will be a devastating blow to the Supreme Power!”

After listening, the person felt more shocked.

“Once it is used in the battle against Daxia, can all Daxia Supreme Powers be bombarded to death?”

The man asked quickly.

“Wrong! This is the result of the loss of the supreme-level powerhouses! If used in large quantities, Daxia’s supreme-level powerhouses will be useless, let’s kill one by one!”

Several people from Sanxing Group laughed.

“That’s great! Where is this weapon? Did you make it? We will get it at all costs!”

The Alliance Army liaison began to get excited.

“It’s not us, it’s made by a company in Daxia! But we supported Xu Zhengjie, who runs this company!”

“However, we have provided them with a lot of technology and money. It is not impossible to get this weapon, and even mass production!”

“Okay, then this matter is left to you. You must take it, if you have any needs, just say it!”

“Okay, then we are happy to cooperate!”

A conspiracy was achieved.

Daxia faces greater danger.

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