The Protector

Chapter: 1651

It is estimated that Ye Junlin and Li Ziran would not even think of–

The nerd in their eyes, the scientific madman has developed a weapon that can kill the supreme powerhouse! ! !

How could this be possible at first thought?

The supreme-level powerhouse is hidden in the most mysterious archive of Yanlongwei.

How could Xu Zhengjie, an ordinary person, create a weapon that kills the supreme powerhouse?

But this world is so crazy!

There is such a genius!

You think it’s impossible, but someone can do it.

This is especially true in real life!

There are many people who can do incredible things for you.

Especially when an ordinary person threatens that a supreme-level powerhouse is nothing.

Then he really has a hole card.

But Ye Junlin would not think about it.

Jianghai City Emperor Experimental Base.

On the surface, it looks like an ordinary laboratory with a small scale.

But as long as you pass through a secret door, you will find something special.

The core of the Emperor’s Laboratory is underground.

The relevant departments of Jianghai City have never found out.

Emperor’s laboratory.

It is the base where Xu Zhengjie studies super weapons.


Xu Zhengjie was furious: “I used to be inferior to him in every aspect! You don’t like me, I understand! But now, he is reduced to a grassroots, I stand at the top, but you still reject me thousands of miles away!”

“The times have changed, and only I can be worthy of you! What is Ye Junlin? You still defend him like this?”

Xu Zhengjie didn’t understand why Li Ziran rejected him.

In his eyes.

Even the supreme-level powerhouse does not pay attention to it.

Ye Junlin was an ordinary person, and he didn’t even have the qualifications to be his opponent.


With Xu Zhengjie’s current status, as long as he raises his arms, all countries are willing to solicit.

Countless supreme-level powerhouses will call forward and embrace.

Even if he is just an ordinary person.

“Mr. Xu, don’t be angry! A leader of the Sanxing Group is looking for you outside!”

Assistant report.

Xu Zhengjie’s face changed: “Okay, let him in!”

Soon, the group leader Li Longen of Sanxing Group and several important senior executives came to the laboratory.

“Say something directly!”

Strength determines the tone of speech.

Xu Zhengjie faced the Sanxing Group with an air of supremacy.

“Sanxing Group wants to buy the super weapons you produce! Buy as many as you have, and all the technical and scientific research personnel will buy them too!”

As soon as Li Longen said this, Xu Zhengjie’s face changed.

Li Longen added: “As long as you agree, Sanxing Group is willing to meet the conditions you want at all costs!”

The meaning is very simple. As long as Xu Zhengjie is willing to sell weapons, Sanxing Group will give whatever he wants.

Any conditions he put forward can be agreed.

“No, no, no, I won’t sell core technology and personnel for anything! This is the foundation of my life!”

But Xu Zhengjie refused.

Upon seeing this, Li Longen continued: “Mr. Xu, we are willing to give everything, as long as you ask, we can meet it! You will consider again…”

Xu Zhengjie still wanted to refuse.

But thinking of Li Ziran and other things…

He abruptly shut up.

“This can actually be considered, give me some time to think about it again!”

“It doesn’t have to be sold to you. We can cooperate. You have to provide financial resources. I will be responsible for technology and production. As much as you want, I will produce as much!”

Xu Zhengjie said.

Li Longen’s eyes rolled.

Of course it can.

“I also hope that Mr. Xu will reply to us as soon as possible!”

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