The Protector

Chapter: 1660

“Offense! Offense!”

“Fast attack! Don’t give Daxia any time to react!”

Their speed is too fast.

It took more than an hour before and after the first line of defense was captured.

It’s worthy of a blitzkrieg.

They are too strong, too fast, and too oppressive.

It didn’t give Daxia’s warriors any chance of breathing.

There was almost no chance for Daxia to send a message of an enemy attack to the country.

Until half an hour after dominating the Alliance army’s offensive.

The first message for help was sent.


In the Yanlongwei base.

Suddenly the sirens rang loudly.

“Northern Xuelong Pass for help! Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

“The eighth base in the north, for help! Danger! Enemy attack!”

“The seventh sea area of ​​the southern border for help! The enemy is strong! The enemy is strong!”

“Western Territory for help! The first line of defense in the eight major regions has completely fallen!”

“Eastern for help! The first line of defense was defeated, and the whole army was overthrown! The opponents are all Supreme-level powerhouses! There are Supreme-level Sixth Heavenly Powerhouses appearing!”

“The enemy is still oppressing, they are too fast! Ask for support!!!”

“Daxia is in danger! Request support! Request support!!!”

The Yanlongwei base fryed for a while.

In one minute, they received more than a thousand messages for help! ! !

And the information for help is still increasing.

On the largest screen in the main control room, countless red dots circled the map of Daxia, approaching quickly.

There is also a red line, showing their offensive line.

The black dots and green dots on the map are gradually disappearing and turning red.

Shows that these bases are falling.


It was too shocking!

These red dots are densely packed, surrounding the map of Daxia in a circle.

Prove that the enemy has many, many people.

They are shrinking fast and want to swallow Daxia in one bite.


Completely confused!

Yan Longwei, and even Da Xia had never experienced such a scene.

In the past, large and small wars relied on aircraft and artillery, and relied on modern style of play.

But the times are different now.

Those hidden warriors all came out.

Especially the supreme-level powerhouses have the means to destroy the world.

Aircraft cannon may not be able to block it.

Daxia has never been so embarrassed.


The sirens have been loud, and countless distress signals have been sent.

“Help! The second line of defense in the northern desert is in desperate resistance. It is very likely to fall. Ask for support!”

“Help! Seven bases in the north have all been attacked, please help!!!”

“One-third of the second line of defense in the East has already fallen, and the remaining two-thirds will also fall, please help!”

“The second line of defense in the southern border has been forced by the enemy, and the sea has fallen halfway! Help!!!”

“The second line of defense in the West has completely fallen, and the enemy is about to come to the third line of defense! Help! The West can’t hold it!”

Waiting for Yan Longwei to respond, another message for help was sent.

The speed of the enemy is faster than everyone thought.

Blitz is to catch you by surprise.

“Go crazy! Go crazy!”

“We don’t even know who the enemy is. The second line of defense is about to fall?”

“Horrible! Terrible!”

“Immediately call everyone for a meeting! Arrange the deployment as quickly as possible! The most critical moment of Daxia has arrived! Hurry up!!!”

Soon, all the high-level Yanlongwei gathered together.

They are about to send all their forces to fight the enemy.

“Hurry up, hurry up, gather all our strength to support! Hurry up! Hurry up!!!”

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