The Protector

Chapter: 1668

Li Zhengguo, the head of the Sanxing Group, hurriedly contacted Xu Zhengjie.

Tell him about the blocked offense.

“We urgently need your super weapon, Mr. Xu, to kill the supreme powerhouse who Daxia Chong is at the forefront! Their threat is too great!”

Xu Zhengjie smiled calmly: “Don’t worry, leave it to me!”

Xu Zhengjie’s team immediately came to the battlefield with super weapons.

This is a brand new quantum weapon.

Involved in the quantum field…

It is Xu Zhengjie’s greatest invention.

Energy based on one point can destroy everything instantly.

Especially for the supreme-level powerhouses.

There is also a tracking device installed, once locked by this weapon, there is no way out.

“I thought I couldn’t be used anymore!”

Xu Zhengjie smiled.

Along the way, the offense went too smoothly.

Xu Zhengjie was forgotten by everyone.

Even many people still don’t believe in his weapons.

Feeling just bluffing.

How can there be small weapons to kill the supreme powerhouse?

“It’s time for me to make Xu Zhengjie famous in the world! Come here, take out all the weapons!”

Xu Zhengjie is looking forward to it.

This is the first appearance of his super weapon.

This weapon can be carried by four people.

This is unimaginable for everyone.

In everyone’s opinion, it is at least a small and medium-sized nuclear weapon that can kill a supreme-level powerhouse.

Is such a small weapon okay?

Rao is Xu Zhengjie, who received financial support from Sanxing Group and produced a total of only 50 units.

After all, every super weapon requires too much human, financial and material resources.

It is no exaggeration to say that mass production of such weapons requires a nationwide effort.

Xu Zhengjie carried thirty super weapons this time, and he hid the other twenty. They were his hole cards.

Soon, the construction of thirty weapons was completed.

Xu Zhengjie smiled and said, “I named this weapon Killing God! Next, I will show you the magical power!”


Everyone gasped.

Killing gods means that even gods can kill them.

Xu Zhengjie has too much confidence in this weapon, right?

After Xiao Feng stopped bombing, the army pressed over.

Xiao Feng learned a lot from Ye Junlin.

Especially Ye Jun came to the “reckless” side.

Offense is defense!


They also played confidently and went crazy offensively.

Especially dozens of supreme-level powerhouses rush to the forefront, they want to kill the enemy and make meritorious deeds.

“Master, the target is close, immediately enter a distance of two kilometers!”

The thirty super weapons on Xu Zhengjie’s side have locked the distance of the opponent.

The distance of two kilometers is the best attack distance for this weapon.

“Well, prepare!”

Xu Zhengjie pretended to be calm.

In fact, he was also very flustered.

“The target will enter the range of two kilometers in three seconds!”





The first super weapon was suddenly activated, and in an instant, all energy burst out based on one point.

At this moment, the ground around the weapon was about to collapse.

The shock waves fired by super weapons are terrible.



The Alliance warriors who were not supreme-level powerhouses were shattered and suffered countless casualties.

Even the body of the supreme-level powerhouse was overwhelmed and almost blocked.

At this time, Li Zhengguo and others in the rear understood why Xu Zhengjie and his team were wearing protective clothing.

It turns out that this weapon is too powerful, and its recoil is so scary.


The power of super weapons is even more terrifying.

A point-based invisible quantum weapon instantly blasts the supreme-level powerhouse…

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