The Protector

Chapter: 1672

But everyone has a smile on their faces.

Pure and flawless.

Simple and kind.

They never regarded it as sad, but excited.

They finally showed their true colors.

“Please Daxia remember my face! Remember my name! I am Du Junhao from Northwestern Jincheng!”

The Northern Heavenly King rushed out first.

“My Gao Liangpeng is from Fengtian City in the northeast!”

The Eastern Heavenly King rushed out the second.

“I, Zhang Hongming, come from Yangcheng in the South!”

The Southern Heavenly King rushed out the third.




The moment the three rushed out, the killing weapon automatically locked them instantly.

The moment the three of them were hit, they immediately disappeared.

“Brothers, they are all good!!!”

Tears filled the eyes of Xiao Feng and others, their fists clenched tightly.

“Brothers, it’s up to us!”

“Shang Hanfei, North Spring City!”

“I wish Xinghe, Yangcheng from the south!”

“Pei Zhenzhi, Northern Lake City!”

“Shi Tiancheng, Southern Spring City!”

“Please Daxia remember our name, remember our look! Chong!!!”

Nearly a thousand people charged in the Zhentian Temple frantically.

The nature of the Zhentian Temple requires members to maintain extreme confidentiality.

So their file is blank.

Their background does not exist, and their names do not exist.

But do they have names?


Do they have backgrounds?


At the last moment, everyone called out the name and hometown that they almost forgot.

To them!

enough! ! !

Show people with their true colors, call out their name and hometown.

Is their greatest wish!

“Zhentiandian are all heroes! You are not unsung heroes! You are all famous! We will remember you, Daxia and the people will remember you!!!”

“Salute to the heroes!!!”

Xiao Feng took the lead and shouted, offering a military salute.

Everyone paid tribute to them!

Hundreds of “extreme powerhouses” frantically counterattacked.

This can surprise the Domination League.

“Kill them! These lunatics!”

Everyone shouted.

In times of crisis, they do not think about why the other party counterattacked.

Moreover, the God-killing weapons detected that they were all supreme-level powerhouses.


Xu Zhengjie was immersed in the thrill of killing and immediately ordered.




God-killing weapons attacked one after another.

One after another “Supreme-level powerhouse” was blasted into pieces.

The members of the Zhentian Temple rushed fiercely.

Killing weapons are also frequently used.

It almost turns this place into a purgatory on earth.

Xiao Feng and others clenched their fists tightly.

Seeing a person who burst open, their eyes turned red and everyone cried.

This is the brothers taking their lives to make a way for them.

“You will not sacrifice in vain!!!”

Xiao Feng gritted his teeth and shouted.




A figure exploded into blood…

The last one also fell…

Finally in the smoke of gunpowder.

All the energy boxes of the slaying weapon were lighted up.

“Report to the master that all the energy boxes have been lit up! But none of the other 900 people will survive!”

Upon hearing this, Xu Zhengjie smiled.

“You really don’t take my killing weapon in your eyes. Now that all of your 900 Supreme Powers have been killed, what else do you think you can use to resist the Alliance Army?”

“Allied forces attack!”

Know that the opponent’s nine hundred supreme class powerhouses are all dead.

Dominate the alliance immediately attack.

“The brothers of the Zhentian Temple are down, it’s up to us!”

Xiao Feng was already murderous.

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