The Protector

Chapter: 1683




The next second, it exploded here.

Epic bombing!

The area covers two lines of defense…

In an instant, it became a sea of ​​flames.

There are countless deaths and injuries among the evil ways.

Although the supreme-level powerhouses can hold it, they are still injured somewhat.

After all, this explosion is too powerful!

Why did it explode?

That’s because Ye Junlin arranged all the delayed ammunition under the sea before they left.

When the time expires, there will be no movement in the delayed ammunition.

All evil ways will not be aware of it.

Suddenly all the delayed bombs started together, and they were caught off guard.

The point is that they don’t see anyone.

“Withdraw! Withdraw all!”

These crooked ways are in fact a clumsy chopstick.

They just want to get benefits, they won’t really go desperately.

Now as soon as there is a casualty, I immediately want to run.

So the hostile force behind the southern border disappeared.

If it spreads out, the other three major war zones will be unbelievable.

The battle in the Southern Territory Theater is basically over…

But what Ye Junlin didn’t even think of was that there was a fish that slipped through the net.

The commander who dominates the Alliance Army in the Southern Territory Theater is not the eleven supreme-level powerhouses, but the Southern Master of the four masters.

He and his men were at the rear of the team at first, but they were blown up later.

Because the distance was too far, Ye Junlin was also unable to find it here.

When the South Lord woke up, he was on an unknown island.

He was bruised all over.

What makes people think is that one of the four masters is not a supreme powerhouse.

He crawled hard on the beach, leaving a spot of blood.

“I have to leave as soon as possible and tell everyone what happened in the southern border!”

“Daxia has a hole card, we failed!”

This is how Ye Junlin hadn’t thought of it.

Now the major war zones in Great Xia are at stake.

There are constant messages of help coming.

The various battle lines suffered heavy casualties and were beaten into desperation by the enemy.

People in Daxia also began to worry about panic.

The streets and alleys are all discussing war.

This is about the future of Daxia.


Extremely worried!

People or clan forces who originally thought something was wrong also began to panic.

It’s dangerous if it goes on like this.

If the fifth line of defense is also broken.

That is equivalent to Daxia opening the door to allow foreign enemies to enter.

It was the end of everyone at that time.

“Run away! Run abroad quickly!”

“Hurry up and transfer funds to overseas accounts!”

The big consortia and the wealthy people realized afterwards and quickly transferred their assets and tried every means to escape abroad.

At this time, the celebrities and rich people who have fled abroad early.

Watching a play in their mansion overseas.

People who make fun of Daxia are waiting to die in Daxia.

At this time, celebrities and Internet celebrities no longer care about their fans or call their families.

They only watch the jokes of the fans and scold the fans.

“If this goes on, Daxia will be breached sooner or later! A group of fools think Daxia is their harbor?”

“Daxia is facing a situation where the world is enemies! Soon there will be a situation where other countries will step on a foot! Daxia must not be able to hold it!”

“Yes, how good is it to leave Daxia early? The outside world is the most exciting!”

“Look at the nationality of the Star Country now, and I have become a star country’s first-line traffic star!”

“I’m not bad, I already had a lot of fans in Dongdao, now I am from Dongdao!”

One after another, at a critical moment, quit Daxia and became a citizen of another country.

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