The Protector

Chapter: 1691

Everyone is guessing and analyzing!

Ninety-nine percent of people guessed that they would meet Fu Dong Jing!

First, the Eastern Frontier Theater is too close to the capital, and the threat is too great.

Secondly, the Eastern Frontier Theater dominates the Alliance slightly weaker. According to Ye Junlin’s previous attacks on the Southern and North Frontier Theaters, they all went from weak to strong.

Third, the dominance of the Western Territory Theater Alliance is too strong and too strong! It can’t be captured in a moment! Even said it is invincible!

As a surprise team, how can we pick soft persimmons!

The Eastern Territory Theater is the first choice!

With four or five lines of defense in the Eastern Frontier Theater, Xiao Feng and the others were completely trapped by the enemy.

Not only that, the enemy has also increased its strength.

They are even more uncomfortable.

Up to three more days.

However, Xiao Feng raised his mouth and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, brothers! Reinforcements will be here soon!”

Hearing the news of the victory in the Northern and Southern Territory theaters, Xiao Feng knew that it was Master Ye Junlin.

Through his analysis, Ye Junlin will definitely come to the Eastern Frontier Theater next, and after he has cleaned up the enemy, he will fully attack the Western Frontier Theater.

So he firmly believes that Ye Junlin will come soon.

Even in this situation, he was full of confidence with a smile on his face.

Everyone was encouraged and turned from defense to offense…

The situation is much better.

But what no one thought was that after Ye Junlin finished fighting in the Northern War Zone, he took Long Hanzhou and Dragon Tiger Divine Monk directly to fight in the Western War Zone.

According to Ye Junlin: meet on a narrow road, the brave wins!

Now it’s a showdown!

The other party has known about you guys a long time ago, and they have deliberately defended and targeted.

Going to the surprise attack again, it doesn’t make any sense.


You have to fight them head-on!

Anyway, if you want to win, you have to defeat both in the Eastern Theater and the Western Territory!

Which one to choose has no meaning!

Pick the closer, pick the stronger one!

This time.

Ye Junlin led the people to no longer hide and attack directly.

It’s all fucking fucking!

Breaking the conventional thinking will be a bit miraculous.

Li Zhengguo and Xu Zhengjie in the Eastern Frontier Theater were ready and waiting for Ye Jun to come.

Xu Zhengjie was even more excited: “The thousand energy boxes I have stored will also come quickly!”

In order to improve his position in dominating the league, Xu Zhengjie directly took out his hole cards.

A thousand energy boxes are almost all belongings.

“Okay, now everyone thinks your killing weapon is ineffective! Your killing weapon is reserved for Daxia, a wonderful army!”


Everyone laughed.

The Sanxing Group and other major forces have long been arranged.

Just waiting for Ye Jun to come…

Western theater.

The strongest forces on both sides are located here.

It was also the hardest hit.

Both sides suffered heavy casualties, especially Daxia’s side was crushed and beaten, and the damage was even greater.

Weeping all over the place ceaselessly.

At this time, the field medics came in handy.

Timely treatment and rescue can reduce a lot of losses.

On the battlefield, many doctors in the field are active.

It is mainly based on the family of medical kings and other major ancient medical schools.

It’s a battle of warriors now.

It is difficult for modern doctors to play a role…

Ancient medical techniques can quickly stop the injury and restore your combat effectiveness in the shortest time…

This is the advantage of the family of medical kings.

This allowed them to fight with the strongest core that dominates the alliance. So far, the fourth line of defense is still completely defeated.

On the battlefield, there was a familiar figure.

It turned out to be Xiao Qin.

After the wedding stopped, she followed to the battlefield.

Seeing more and more casualties, Xiao Qin was also desperate.

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