The Protector

Chapter: 1703

Richard agreed.

It means that the Domination Alliance will kill them all.

After Richard took a deep breath: “Kill, kill them all for me!”

“Think about it again!”

The high-levels who dominate the alliance began to persuade.

“No, if my brother wants to live, they must die!”

“In addition, if they die, it doesn’t actually affect our strength!”

“Finally, I am the commander, you have to listen to me!”

After Richard explained.

The top executives were relieved.

These 50,000 people had little influence on them, and they still entered Daxia.

“Kill, kill them all for me!”

The high-level leaders who dominated the alliance gave orders one after another.

Hundreds of thousands of troops of the Dominating Alliance instantly killed 50,000 people including the medical king family.

The Doctor King was dumbfounded for an instant.

But they had to fight again.

In order to survive, you can only kill all the enemies in front of you.

But Ye Junlin and the others stood in front of him, and there were hundreds of thousands of troops dominating the alliance behind.

They seem to be a dead end.



There were screams, and these traitors fell to the ground one by one.

It happened suddenly.

In addition, most of them are in the team that dominates the Alliance Army.

The other party suddenly kills, and they have no chance to evade.

Countless people fell in an instant.

Hundreds of thousands played against 50,000.

It was almost a crushing slaughter.

People keep falling down.

The bones become a mountain.

Blood flows into a river.

The warrior’s battle is really terrible.

Hit the world eclipsed.

However, the many forces of the medical king family have terrifying combat power, and they can resist and struggle in a short period of time.

“The only way we can survive, the King Doctor, is to run back!”

“The Great Xia Qibing may not be able to stop us!”

The masters have formulated a plan to stop fighting with the Domination Alliance.

“Everyone is running back! Where can we get a chance!”


Everyone ran to Ye Junlin frantically.

Everyone is crazy.

Who blocked the posture of killing whom!

Li Taishan and the others began to panic.

Although they have less than 10,000 left, the masters are among them.

They may not be able to stop it.

Even suffered heavy losses.

At this moment, Ye Junlin’s voice sounded again: “What? Do you want your brother to die?”

When Richard saw this, he panicked immediately.

He had thought that the people who rushed there would be ignored.

Ye Junlin used his younger brother as a threat.

He panicked immediately.

“Kill, kill them all for me, all of the sixth and fifth heavens!”

This time, Richard used his hole cards.

The masters all came out, all chasing the Doctor King and them.

The powerhouses of the fifth and sixth heavens quickly stopped in front of the Doctor King.


The powerhouses of the fifth and sixth heavens all shot together.

It was a devastating blow to the rest.




Under the impact of the opponent’s super power, the Doctor King was quickly unable to stop it.

One after another fell to the ground.


In the end, the King Doctor was slain by the joint efforts of eighteen six heavenly powerhouses.

He was also the last to fall among more than 50,000 traitors.

It took a whole small half day.

All the traitors were killed.

This is how they would never have thought of it.

Obviously surrendered and joined.

Still died in the hands of others.

Because of Ye Junlin’s strategy.

Upon seeing this, Richard hurriedly asked: “I did everything according to your request. Everyone was killed. Can my brother let it go?”

Unexpectedly, Ye Junlin sneered: “Who said you want to let your brother go?”

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