The Protector

Chapter: 1704


Ye Junlin said this.

Everyone present was stunned.

Including one’s own people.

Everyone looked at Ye Junlin in confusion.

you lied?

Is this not so good?

“You cheat! You…”

Richard knew he had been fooled, and immediately roared.

“Why are you like this? Where did I promise to let your brother go? I just said not to kill him!”

Ye Junlin asked rhetorically.


Richard changed his mind, and it was true.

Ye Junlin did not mention it.

“You are really mean, you are really shameless!”

Richard scolded.

Ye Junlin smiled and said, “I’ll tell you one more despicable thing!”


“Actually, I’m very reasonable! The reason for killing these traitors is because they betray Daxia and kill their compatriots. Each is a capital crime!”

“But your brother is different. He just came to Daxia to steal things, and it would be fine if he was locked up for ten years, and there is no capital crime! Even if you send someone to prison to save him, this is your business and has nothing to do with him! I didn’t intend to kill him!”

Ye Junlin told the truth.


Everyone was dumbfounded.

It turns out that he didn’t even plan to kill Jefferson.

Just using him.

This use has wiped out 50,000 Medical Kings, and the Domination Alliance has also suffered a certain loss.

When they think of this, their hearts are hurting.

Too despicable and shameless!

“I have never seen a shameless person like yours in my life!”

Richard roared with anger.

These warriors are still a little too simple compared to the battlefield commanders who are skilled in calculations.

Those who are familiar with Ye Junlin know.

His style of fighting is reckless.

Most of the time, it’s a charge or an offense.

Even one or two people will shine with you.

But this does not mean that he is a man.

He is a commander.

From the perspective of global considerations.

If you can reduce the loss, reduce the loss.

On the battlefield, we must do whatever it takes.

Treat your relatives and friends sincerely, but when you treat your enemy, you must find ways to kill him.

Survival is the only purpose.

This is the battlefield!

For example, just now.

Tens of thousands of enemies were killed or injured without a single pawn.

Even let the Domination League expose most of the hole cards.

This is Ye Junlin.

Although all the traitors were killed, everyone was not happy.

Because next they will face the anger that dominates the alliance.

Now their army is out.

Working with them is a dead end.

“Well, you successfully angered me, and then, it will be your end!”

Richard was angry.

“Dominate the Alliance, everyone listens to the order!”

“Within an hour, take the fourth line of defense!”

“Break through the fifth line of defense in the West in three hours!”

Richard ordered it.

“Kill kill kill!”

Hundreds of thousands of warriors set aside and did.

The power is earth-shattering.

Their aura alone moved the world.

Ye Junlin put away his laughter.

He looked at the crowd and shouted: “Brothers, the decisive battle is here! If we lose, Daxia will most likely be lost! Our homes will fall into dire straits, and our parents, wives and children will be displaced! The land under our feet will become. other’s!”

“Can we lose?”

“Can’t be defeated!!!”

Simple words, but inspire everyone’s fighting spirit.

Everyone is no longer afraid.

It is full of fighting spirit!

“In a word, the brave wins if we meet on a narrow road!”

This is a battle of great disparity in strength.

But it is also a battle to determine fate!


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