The Protector

Chapter: 1705

Eastern theater.

Xiao Feng and the others have been holding on for a long, long time.

“That’s not right, why doesn’t the master come yet?”

Xiao Feng also panicked.

According to Master’s style and speed, it has already arrived.

Why is it so late.

The best fighter has long been missed.

Does Master have other follow-up moves?

“Why don’t the reinforcements come yet? We really can’t hold it anymore!”

Wailing voices broke out in the eastern theater.

They were injured too badly.

Just then.

Big news exploded all over the world!

“Something has happened, something has happened! This time the sky has really fallen!”

“According to the latest information, Daxia Qibing has landed in the Western Territory Theater!”

“Before betraying Daxia, the medical king family and other forces that joined the Domination Alliance were all killed!”

“The Great Xia Qibing didn’t sneak attack and dominate the alliance, but opened up a frontal attack! It’s unexpected!”

“Now the two sides have confronted each other and are about to go to war! The number and strength of the dominating alliance are nearly a hundred times as big as Daxia!”

“This is a battle with too much disparity in power! The result is obvious. The Domination Alliance will fully break through the Western Territory, and then occupy half of the Great Xia country!”


A complete crisis.

At this moment, everyone in Daxia was hanging in their throats.

“Are you crazy? Raiders don’t attack and attack frontally?”

“The strongest power that dominates the Alliance is in the West, and the five or six heavenly powerhouses are hundreds of times! How do you fight this? Isn’t this taking the initiative to die?”

“The West is lost, Daxia will be over! Hey!”


At this moment, it is desperate for everyone!

All the hole cards that Yan Longwei could send out were sent out.

There is really no available power at hand.

They can only watch…

The Western Territory is facing offense, the gap is too big, and the Western Territory is doomed to fall.

The Eastern Territory Theater is also struggling to sustain it.

Sooner or later it will be defeated.

According to this situation, Daxia will definitely fall.

No one thinks Daxia will win!

This is simply impossible to win!

The strength gap is too big.

Especially the western theater.

But Daxia’s soldiers still refused to admit defeat.

Almost all warriors are fighting ahead.

Ordinary people like them are useless.

But you have to step into the land of Daxia, unless you step on their bodies.

They are also holding a fighting attitude.

Formed a human wall to guard, waiting for the arrival of the enemy…

When overseas learned of this situation, they almost set off firecrackers to celebrate.

Daxia will eventually perish.

Their departure is correct.

Everyone thinks Daxia is going to be over.

Even after Xiao Feng in the Eastern Territory Theater knew that Ye Junlin had gone to the Western Territory, they felt it was over.

In short, this is a battle that no one would believe Daxia would win.

Don’t talk about them, even Li Taishan believes they can’t win.

Courage, Liangjian spirit is one aspect.

But the other party is really too strong.

There is no way to win!

But everyone is still holding a desperate attitude!


Both sides attacked together.

“Kill them all for me, and be sure to rescue my brother!”

Richard roared.

He pressed his watch, and soon, a set of mecha was put on him.

Incarnate as Iron Man.

He has also become a supreme-level powerhouse.

This is the terrible part of modern technology.

Under his leadership, the dominating alliance army is like a scourge…

“Xiao Qin, you are responsible for raising the Great Xia Dragon Banner! You must not fall down!”

Ye Junlin arranged tasks for Xiao Qin.

The Daxia Longqi was flying high on the highest point.

Ye Junlin’s eyes were full of killing intent: “Today, I let you know how powerful I am!”

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