The Protector

Chapter: 1711

A cold voice came.

One after another masters appeared around.

Not to mention all the strange costumes, many faces are ugly.

Their breath is gloomy, as if they came from hell.

Wicked way!

Ye Junlin didn’t need to think about it. These are the evil ways that dominate the alliance.

Look at it at a glance.

There are a lot of people.

And each strength is strong.

However, a sneer crossed the corner of Ye Junlin’s mouth: “All of you surrender, I might spare you your life!”

“If there is no chance for the Gentiles to survive, no matter how evil you are, you are also part of Daxia. I will give you a chance!”

“Just you? Want us to surrender too?”

In the first battle, these evil sects did not participate, and they did not know Ye Junlin at all.

Richard was too busy to contact them.

“Does Ye Junlin know who we are? We have been waiting for you for a long time!”

Along with the sound, several figures appeared.

“The people of the Northern Devil?”

Ye Junlin felt the aura of the Northern Demon from him.

“Hmph, no mistake! We are here to avenge the Northern Devil!”

“We have been looking for you for a long time, and finally found you here!”

The people of the Northern Devil endured it for a long time.

Now I finally found Ye Junlin’s team.

Regardless of Ye Junlin’s team, the team is huge and equipped with advanced equipment.

In the eyes of the warrior, it is all paper.

They couldn’t protect Ye Junlin.

“Let’s go together! Don’t delay my time!”

Ye Junlin was eager to go to the Eastern Frontier Theater, but he didn’t have much time to talk nonsense with them.

He did it directly.

Ye Junlin shot.

This is what no one thought of.

“kill him!”

The evil sects rushed forward.

“Boom boom…”

As soon as they fought, the expressions of the evil sects changed drastically.

Is he so strong?

The same thought flashed in everyone’s mind.

Dominating the alliance with hundreds of thousands of warriors, Ye Junlin all fell on the ground.

Although the evil sects in front of him are strong, it is a piece of cake for him.

Soon after, all the evil people of the Shu Wanxie Clan were lying on the ground.

This includes nearly fifty six heavenly powerhouses.

This is the strongest team of evil sects.

Everyone’s eyes are filled with inevitable shock.

“Find me revenge? Is your brain burnt out? I stand here and let you kill, you can’t kill it!”

Ye Junlin scanned the audience.

All crooked ways are silent.

Because Ye Junlin was right.

“Now before you, there are two ways. First, death, and second, surrender is all up to me!”

Ye Junlin gave a choice.

“The second, the second!”

“We all listen to you!”

Several people, led by the North Demon tribe, agreed.

Immediately afterwards, the others agreed one by one.

“To be honest, I don’t worry about you! So I will give you the poison! The antidote is only with me, whoever betrays will die!”

“You give them the potion!”

Ye Junlin gave an order.

At first, Suzaku and the others were stunned, and soon reacted.

They took out a lot of medicines and let all the crooked ways take it.

All these crooked ways have listened to Ye Junlin obediently.

“Now I will give you the first task, take out all your strength, and go to the capital immediately! Don’t let the foreign enemy step into the capital! Otherwise, you will come to see you!”

Ye Junlin assigned the task directly.

“Understand, Master, we will go now!”

The two sides parted ways.

Ye Junlin smiled and said, “I still felt that the clone was inadequate! Now I have another worry!”

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