The Protector

Chapter: 1712

Everyone is laughing.

Who would have thought that evil ways would appear on the way.

Isn’t this a free coolie?

Ye Junlin had long expected that the enemy would sneak attack on the capital.

From his perspective as a military chief.

If he, in this case, would send someone to destroy the major institutions in the capital first.

On the way here, he was still thinking about what to do in the capital.

He can’t be cloned.

As a result, someone came to the door.

Suzaku asked by the side; “Boss, do they believe that those potions are poisons? They are just potions that enhance strength and immunity.”

Ye Junlin has used this routine many times.

Using ordinary potions to trick the enemy is a unique poison.

It seems that this routine will never go out of style.

Ye Junlin smiled and said, “The higher the status or the more powerful people are, the more they will cherish their lives! They are better to be trusted, plus I completely restrain them! They absolutely believe it!”


Everyone laughed out loud.

Continue to the Eastern Territory Theater.

the other side.

The big evil sects gathered together.

“This medicine is real? Why doesn’t I feel it at all after I take it? What’s the difference with water.”

“Could it be fake? I don’t think this is poison at all!”

The Ice Venerable and Fire Venerable of the Ice Fire Palace said: “No! It’s true! Even though we look down on ordinary people, their modern things can really kill us!”

“Furthermore, do you think Mr. Ye Junlin looks like a joke?”

The two sentences left everyone in a daze.


They look down on ordinary people and modern things.

But the killing weapon produced by Xu Zhengjie had a good lesson.

Many modern things are beyond their imagination.

People are afraid of the unknown.

Even the supreme-level powerhouses are no exception.

So they are afraid.

What Ye Junlin ordered, they had to do things obediently.

“By the way, did you just find out that Mr. Ye uses the technique?”

At this time, the leader of the North Demon tribe asked aloud.

The Badao of the Badaomen said solemnly: “You also found out?”

“Yes, I found it too, I still thought I was wrong.”

“Really? I found it too! It really is.”

The Tiger King in the Tiger Temple gave a cold breath: “Which is the heir of the great demon? The exercises he used just now are exactly the same as the legendary demon!”


Everyone was gasping for breath.

“If this is the case, then it is normal for us to call him Master!”

“He gave an order, we all have to obey.”

The crowd trembled.

This is what Ye Junlin thought of.

The North Demon once recognized his practice.

I didn’t expect that the people behind the Northern Devil knew more and more comprehensively.

There is also the existence that is called a big devil by thousands of evil ways. How terrible is that?

Shocked and shocked.

Everyone didn’t dare to neglect Ye Junlin’s orders.

They arrived early to deploy defenses around the capital.

Even more wicked ways were drawn together.

In the name of which descendant of the great demon appeared.

Just this sentence.

The evil ways and the wrong way are simply echoed.

Even the evil ways that didn’t cooperate with the Domination Alliance came one after another.


The five hundred strong men arranged by the Dominating Alliance are already close to the capital.

These five hundred people are Richard’s final cards.

He will use these people to sweep the capital.

Destroy Yanlongwei and other institutions…

This is the final madness that dominates the league…

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