The Protector

Chapter: 1718

“Boom boom boom!”

It’s just that a total of eighty energy boxes are launched almost at the same time.

Ye Junlin was blasted, and the remaining thirteen shots were all empty.

But it has been battered here.

It’s like a doomsday scene.

“It’s beaten up! Ye Junlin is beaten up!”

“Successful, we succeeded!”

All dominate the alliance cheered.

Just like a big victory…

Xu Zhengjie even shouted: “There is no more Ye Jun in the world!”

“I am the only king in Daxia! Remember my name Xu Zhengjie!!!”

Everyone present looked at Xu Zhengjie in admiration.

No one would have thought that an ordinary person would become an important factor in turning the tide of the war.

Who can think of it?

Ye Jun Linqiang, right?

The hundreds of thousands of the main force in the Western Territory that dominated the Alliance were abruptly defeated by him.

He kills the powerhouses of five or six heavens, like killing chickens and oxen.

Wasn’t it killed by Xu Zhengjie’s god-killing weapon?

From then on, Xu Zhengjie’s value will be maximized.

Really become the king that everyone robs.

His dream of becoming a king will be easily realized.

“Won, we won!”

Li Zhengguo and the others told Richard the news for the first time.

“Won, kill Ye Junlin, our biggest obstacle is now!”

“If Beijing wins again, we will be fully victorious, and Daxia will be in full control!”

They have seen the picture of victory.

Richard was very excited.

But at this time, someone came to him.

Everyone is wearing a black suit, and there is a medal with a black shield on his chest.

Richard’s face changed when he saw them.

The visitor is impressively the number one mysterious organization of the War Eagle Nation-Sky Shield.

The Sky Shield has a long history, and the agents inside each possess abilities.

They control one of the most mysterious powers and secrets in the Warhawk Nation and the whole world…

They are different from Yanlongwei.

They really control the terrible power.

Usually responsible for all kinds of terrible supernatural events.

It is said that the covenant of the gods was sent by the rulers to the Sky Shield…

In the face of the Sky Shield, Richard and the others are also afraid.

“Come on! Da Xia is as unbearable as you imagine!”

“This sleeping oriental lion should never be underestimated. If you make him anxious, it will wake up!”

The Tianshield agent was straightforward and persuaded.

Richard smiled: “Yes, Daxia was indeed forced out by us! But it is still not our opponent!”

“Next, you will see that we captured Daxia!”

“You guys do it for yourself!”

The Tianshield agent turned and left.

They are just reminding.

On the eastern battlefield.


Xiao Feng and the others watched Ye Junlin’s bombardment.

Everyone made heart-piercing noises.

Ye Junlin just disappeared from under their noses…

All this is too trance.

It has been a long time for them to believe that all this is true.

The other side.

Xu Zhengjie yelled: “Come on, rush for me! Take down the Eastern Frontier Theater immediately!”

Xu Zhengjie gave an order.

The tide of dominating the Alliance army is generally oppressive.

Xiao Feng is weak here.

In addition, everyone was immersed in the pain of losing Ye Junlin.

Presumably, within half an hour, they will be completely wiped out.

“Everyone has it, you can go north to meet up in the capital!”

Xu Zhengjie and the army behind them also started to activate.

After all, Xiao Feng and the others couldn’t stand a blow and couldn’t stop it.

“How can Da Xia provoke you outsiders?”

At this time, the sound of thunder rolling in the sky came.

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