The Protector

Chapter: 1720

Regardless of the two teams that just appeared, they add up to tens of thousands.

Can play against each other.

Each incarnation is a murderous machine of terror.

Dominating the Alliance Army has no power to fight back.

Can only be slaughtered!

The black and white teams seem to be competing in anger.

Bet on who kills more!

Killed one by one…

This is a crushing battle without suspense.

Xu Zhengjie, who had lighted all the energy boxes, could only watch as the army dominating the alliance fell one by one.

They are helpless.

The battle lasted for a short time.

The Domination Alliance was almost completely destroyed.

The fighting power of the Baolong clan is simply too terrifying and terrifying.

After defeating the Domination Alliance.

They disappeared without a trace again.

It seems that it has never appeared before.

“Withdraw, withdraw quickly!”

Important people such as Xu Zhengjie and Li Zhengguo fled out of Daxia before the danger came.


Dominate the Alliance army defeated across the board!

Almost all the four major war zones were overthrown…

Later they received a message that the plan to destroy the capital had also failed.


The dominance of the league was completely defeated.

This is an alliance of warriors, nothing more than a mob.

This rout.

The Domination Alliance was dissolved on the spot.

This organization, which was formed no more than half a year ago, was wiped out in an instant.

It’s really embarrassing!

“Lost, completely defeated?”

Richard did not believe what was happening before him.

“Yeah, at the last moment, Daxia suddenly appeared two groups of unknown teams. It was terrifying. They were all killing machines. So far, we still don’t know who they are?”

Richard was silent.

He thought of what the Sky Shield had warned him.

Urgent, this lion will wake up.

Sure enough, did you wake up?

In any case, he was defeated.

But the good point is that he finally took Xu Zhengjie and his weapons back.

Of course it is an upgraded version of the eight weapons.

There was no chance to take the rest, and they all stayed in Daxia…

Xu Zhengjie and his core technicians were taken to War Eagle Nation.

This is a blessing in misfortune.

Yan Longwei also released a message to the world for the first time.

“Daxia announces that the war has completely defeated the invading warrior organization to dominate the alliance, and the war Daxia has won!”

“Daxia won!”

The message soon spread throughout Daxia and the world.

The gongs and drums on the streets of Daxia are noisy, and firecrackers are blasted in unison.

Everyone began to celebrate.

Organizing activities everywhere is even more ambitious than the New Year.

The feeling of the rest of my life is really wonderful.

A moment ago, Daxia fell into ruin.

Everyone is ready.

Later, he was saved by the unknown heroes abruptly.

Daxia is still an invincible Daxia!

Unite as one, invincible!

All Daxia was immersed in joy.

But overseas countries are dumbfounded.

Daxia won?


The scene they least wanted to see happened.

Daxia actually held it up.

The major countries and forces are desperate to death.

Nothing is more frustrating than those who quit Daxia nationality and join other countries.

They tried their best to escape the chaos of war and to live a stable and peaceful life in the future.

Everyone is looking forward to the demise of Daxia.

But who could have imagined that Daxia won.

Now, they are not of Daxia nationality and can’t go back.


Almost everyone regretted…

However, Yan Longwei and the Daxia soldiers were not happy at all.

They are searching for Ye Junlin’s whereabouts on the battlefield…

Even if you die, you can leave a memorial.

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