The Protector

Chapter: 1735


The eyes of the whole world are on the aircraft carrier Eagle.

In other words, Ye Junlin’s every move was under surveillance.

What he does next will be broadcast live.

Hundreds of millions of people in Daxia are watching Ye Junlin’s whereabouts.


Hearing Ye Junlin’s words, Daxia all cheered.

Even Yan Longwei clenched his fists tightly and shouted out loud.

They don’t know who this person is.

Can’t find it either.

But the only certainty is that he is from Daxia!

He is doing the right thing!

Since he couldn’t stop it, he was upset.

It is best to bring Xu Zhengjie and Jefferson back to Daxia!

Yang Daxia Guowei!

Let them know that Daxia is not afraid of anyone.

I’m just afraid of trouble!

“Hold on, you must leave Warhawk Nation alive! You must bring people back!”

Everyone clenched their fists and looked forward to it.

Everyone in Daxia hopes that Ye Junlin can live and bring the two back!

Other people around the world have different ideas.

Most people are looking forward to Ye Junlin’s miserable end!

The Eagle Nation is super powerful!

Ye Junlin’s making such a big move in War Eagle Nation is equivalent to provocation.

According to the style of the War Eagle Nation, Ye Junlin will never end well.

On the Eagle, Ye Junlin and Xu Zhengjie were close at hand.

Xu Zhengjie panicked and shouted: “Kill him, kill him for me!”

The guard beside him slammed Ye Junlin frantically.

But there was an invisible wall of air in front of Ye Jun, blasting them all out.




Recently Xu Zhengjie was splashed with hot blood.

He was dumbfounded.

“Let’s go!”

Ye Junlin grabbed his collar and kicked him in the leg.

He broke his leg and immediately lay on the ground just like a dog.

Ye Junlin tied Xu Zhengjie and Jefferson together with a rope, dragging them with his left hand, and holding the Beiming sword in his right hand.

Leaving the aircraft carrier step by step.

His cold eyes swept over the people who used to be Daxia, one by one, they fell to the ground in fright, or pissed off in fright.

“Oh! Me! Ah!”

“Crazy! It’s none of my business!”

Li Songkui and the others were even more embarrassed. Seeing Ye Junlin’s eyes, they were so scared that they were crawling, not to mention embarrassed.

Ye Junlin walked like this step by step.

Although there are masters around, there is no one who dares to step forward, and they can only go around Ye Junlin.

“Stop! Do you want to take people away like this? Let them go quickly, and I will keep your whole body!”

Richard’s voice sounded.

Richard’s face was colder than ever.

He is going to explode.

This is a provocation to everyone, but also a provocation to him.

When did he suffer such humiliation?

Being so humiliated on his own territory.

My brother is dragging like a dog.

How does this make him bear?

More than that.

The circles that know about this are about to explode.

This is hitting them in the face!

Provocation on their territory!

All were blown up!

When did anyone dare to provoke them?

They have always provoke others!

In a word, the war eagle must not be insulted!

“Kill him! Kill him for me!”

“Who would dare to run wild on our turf, it’s going against the sky!”

“If this person is not removed, our face will be lost!”

All circles gave orders to kill Ye Junlin.

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