The Protector

Chapter: 1737

Richard’s complexion was savage, and his veins were violent.

His body was shaking sharply, and he was going crazy.

Ye Junlin is touching his bottom line!

Must die!

Although Ye Junlin took people off the aircraft carrier, the crisis really came.

All weapon systems of the major frigates of the Eagle were activated, all aimed at Ye Junlin.

Had it not been for Xu Zhengjie and Jefferson, the bombing would have been frantic long ago.

Not only that, there were hundreds of warplanes hovering in the air, and a helicopter, heavy weapons, and a sniper gun were all aimed at Ye Junlin at low altitude.

They are all waiting for the opportunity.

On the ground, tanks are densely stacked.

There are still many tanks, this is their first appearance.

Represents the most advanced technology.

No one knows what kind of weapons these tanks will fire.

It may be a quantum weapon, it may be a laser weapon, or it may be a chemical weapon…

These are the trump cards of the Eagle Nation.

It has always been a secret.

But in order to stop Ye Junlin, they all took it out.

This is about the dignity of the war eagle!

Ye Junlin must die!

A large number of warriors emerged from the gaps in the tank array.

They have warriors from the East Island, ancient warriors from the West…

There is also a super fighter also all appeared.

These superpowers are equivalent to the strange people and strangers that Daxia often said.

It is that they have special abilities.

For example, you can control water and fire, you can control the wind, and so on.

There are generally two types of super players.

The first is congenital awakening.

Born with their own talents, this kind of superpower is extremely powerful.

The second one is remodeled the day after tomorrow.

They use serum or genetic technology to change your physique, making you powerful, lightning-fast, and even directly bringing some talents to control the elements.

The most common is to use serum or biotechnology to transform the body to obtain a strong physique.

It is also commonly used to implant animal genes in the human body.

For example, the gene of a cheetah allows you to gain the speed and pursuit of a cheetah.

Implant the genes of a grizzly bear to give you the power of a grizzly bear.

Therefore, the strength of many superpowers abroad is no less than that of the Eastern Warriors.

Especially those with strong awakening talents are even more outrageous.

In fact, there are legends of these super-powers in popular life, but they disappeared later.

That’s because once such freaks appear, the relevant agencies will take them away immediately and block the information.

Now these super-powers who are living in the legend are flooding at this moment.

Mecha fighters also gathered from all directions.

There are still many forces, all of them came after receiving the major forces of the Sky Shield and the Warhawk Nation.

There are also killer organizations that specialize in hunting the supreme-level powerhouses.

It’s not just Lake City.

In all other regions of the Eagle Nation, there are madly influx of masters.

Their purpose is only one-to stop Ye Junlin at all costs.

Soon, there were no gaps in this area.

Either machines or people, all stations are full.

The sky also obscured the sky, and it was dark here for a while.

Ye Junlin was not given any space or route to leave.

“No way! No way!”

“Release, release, release!”

The shouts gathered together, and the sky thunder rolled.

The Eagle Nation is really crazy!

Take advantage of this matter to give the world a warning.

“No one can leave Warhawk Nation alive!”

The corner of Ye Junlin’s mouth raised: “Oh, isn’t it? Then I will be the first!”

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