The Protector

Chapter: 1741

This time, the War Eagle Nation really cost it.

Invite all these old guys out of the mountain.

Although these are the trump cards of the War Eagle Nation, they cannot be used as a last resort.

But now is the most dangerous moment for them.

If this continues, the Eagle Nation will become a shame, and its status as a superpower in the world will not be maintained.

The four Seventh Heavenly Powerhouses are already waiting for Ye Jun to come.

First, the whole person is in a black mist, and he can’t see the main body at all.

He is the leader of the killer organization that specializes in hunting the supreme-level powerhouses, and the codename is Shadowman.

Seventh heaven strength, and has the most powerful assassination technique.

He can blend with any environmental object.

Have hunted and killed three powerhouses of the Seventh Heaven.

The second place is a mountain the size of a mountain, with a body more than two meters tall, and the whole body is red.

He was used by a secret organization to test various drugs and serum since he was a child, and his body mutated later.

He is so powerful, his body is impenetrable, and he can’t kill monsters at all.

Codenamed Dragon.

The third place is a man wearing a light mech. He has a speed that is several times the speed of sound, as fast as lightning.

Codenamed God of Lightning.

The fourth place is a barely dressed blonde with a sweet look.

But she is a Western wizard who has awakened super power in the primitive tribe since she was a child.

Possessing supernatural power, claims to be able to control everything.

Codenamed Miko.

All four of them are national treasures.

It is also the real trump card.

At this moment, all four were dispatched.

Just to stop Ye Junlin.

It shows the determination of the war eagle country.

Ye Junlin walked all the way.

I find that fewer and fewer people are blocking myself.

In the end, there are no people.

Xu Zhengjie, who had just woke up, felt ashamed when seeing this.

Is it because he was abandoned by the war eagle country?

In fact, Xu Zhengjie knew it in his heart.

At this point, the War Eagle Nation is only for reputation, not a question of his value.

But Ye Junlin stopped and shouted to the front: “Come out, I have seen you all!”

As soon as the voice fell, three figures appeared in front of him.

The witch, the dragon, and the god of lightning are three people.

Only the shadow man disappeared.

He is the god of assassination and naturally cannot be exposed.

Seventh Heaven!

Three Seven Heavens!

The world is shocked again!

The Eagle Nation is really strong, and can dispatch several Seventh Heavenly Powers at will.

This is not available in other countries.

Even Daxia was envious.

But what everyone pays more attention to is whether Ye Junlin can block the attacks of the four Seventh Heavenly Powers?

The three witches looked at each other and said, “Start!!!”

The voice just fell.

The witch began to perform her witchcraft…

Suddenly, the environment in front of Ye Junlin changed.

Alpine forests no longer exist, replaced by endless, surging seas.

He was in the center of the storm, unable to stand firm at all.

This sudden change in the environment made him extremely uncomfortable.

This is the ability of the Miko to control everything and change the environment…

At the same time, the god of lightning moved.

The impact began at a speed exceeding five times the speed of sound.

What he had to do was to rescue the two Jefferson in an instant, and bring the magic dragon to Ye Junlin’s side.

The speed of the lightning god is too fast.

In an instant, he brought the magic dragon to Ye Junlin’s side, and at the same time took Xu Zhengjie and Jefferson away.


The dragon is known for its infinite power, and he claims to smash a mountain with one punch.

His strongest force hit Ye Junlin with a punch.

At the same time, the shadow man appeared from the dark and suddenly assassinated.

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