The Protector

Chapter: 1742

The four powerhouses cooperated in a tacit understanding and perfectly connected.

And take care of each other to maximize their advantages.

Save and kill people in one go.

People who followed this battle were all frightened.

What a terrible picture is that the four great seven heavenly powerhouses act together?

I’m afraid that Ye Junlin is the only one who has this treatment.

“Warhawk Nation is determined to retain people. These four people are actually the trump cards of the Sky Shield! They all used them!”

“The mysterious man is absolutely desperate now!”

After receiving the message, everyone in Yanlongwei was chilled.

They understand that the Sky Shield Bureau is equivalent to the existence of the Daxia Baolong clan.

Have the strongest combat power.

Those hidden secrets and masters are all under their control.

They intervene, who can stop?

In the battlefield.

The four big and seven heavenly powers joined forces to make a perfect match.

First, the witch changes the environment to disturb Ye Junlin.

Secondly, the god of lightning sent the magic dragon to Ye Junlin in an instant.

The Devil Dragon killed Ye Junlin with the strongest blow.

This trick is absolutely unstoppable!

First, the witch has disturbed Ye Junlin.

Second, the speed of the lightning god is too fast.

These two factors were already destined that Ye Junlin could not hide, and could only accept it.

Ye Junlin may not be able to bear the power of the magic dragon to destroy a mountain with one punch.

Even if he can bear it, the shadow man assassination in the dark has arrived again.

You must know that these are the four powerhouses of the Seventh Heaven, and their skills and strength are far beyond others.

This is a mortal game!

The magic dragon hit Ye Junlin’s chest with a fist, as if the missile exploded, and a mushroom cloud rose around him.

The assassination master shadow man unexpectedly appeared on top of Ye Junlin’s head. Two short blades appeared in his hand, and the surrounding lights flickered.

The two short blades are cast by meteorites from outside the sky, and can penetrate through any hard objects.


The Devil Dragon was sure that the strongest punch hit Ye Junlin.



The Shadowman was also convinced that he had inserted two short blades into Ye Junlin’s neck.

But in an instant the expressions of the two of them changed drastically…

Because this is all an illusion!

Ye Junlin disappeared from their eyes…

Disappear out of thin air!

Do not!

Shadowman knows that it is speed!

Unimaginable speed!

Faster than the speed of the god of lightning fled in an instant, creating the illusion that the two of them succeeded.

That is the clone that is produced at the extreme speed, and what they hit is the clone.

“Magic Shadow Clone!”

Ye Junlin used the magic shadow clone again.

Unlike the past, I didn’t deceive everyone this time.

The shadow man sees the essence.

After using the magic shadow clone, Ye Junlin quickly left the center of the battlefield.


When he reappeared, he actually caught up with the lightning god who had rescued the two Jeffersons.

His speed is faster than the Lightning God whose awakening talent is speed.



Ye Junlin smashed the God of Lightning with a punch.

“Return to Dragon Slash!”

At the same time, the North Ming war knife was thrown out.


The witch next to her didn’t even react, and she was cut through her throat by the half-broken North Ming sword.

The moment the witch fell.

The environment here has changed.

The sea no longer exists and everything is back to normal.

But Ye Junlin didn’t stop.

He appeared behind the Devil Dragon again, and at the same time, the circling Beiming sword came into Ye Junlin’s hand.


Ye Junlin killed the Devil Dragon with a single knife.

The shadow man realized the danger and hurriedly left.

But Ye Junlin disappeared again.

When he appeared again, he was already behind him.


Shadowman is dead!

The four great seven heavenly powerhouses are all destroyed.

“Who can stop me?”

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