The Protector

Chapter: 1743



The Eagle Nation was silent.

The whole world is silent.

Counting the previous warhawk Thor, five consecutive seven-layer powerhouses have been beheaded by Ye Junlin alone.

Especially the last four are still working together…


too terrifying!

The ace of the Sky Shield could not stop Ye Junlin!

He is already outrageously strong!

Fight against the Eagle Nation alone!

May I ask who else?

I’m convinced!

Richard and others were completely convinced.

How can you beat five Seventh Heavenly Powerhouses in a row?

Thousands of troops in time can’t stop it at all!

All circles in the War Eagle Nation were beaten to silence.

They were at a loss.

do not know what to do with it?

It seems that he is invincible, no one can subdue him.

On the outskirts of Lake City, Ye Junlin continued to move forward after beheading the four great seven heavenly powerhouses.

On the other side of the mountain, thousands of troops are waiting.

Even though they knew Ye Junlin couldn’t kill Ye Junlin, they couldn’t stop him.

But he couldn’t just watch Ye Junlin leave.

Their only purpose of blocking was to delay time and figure out how to kill or keep Ye Junlin.


This time, more experts are involved.

The warriors and the super-powers are like crazy to stop Ye Junlin.

Ye Junlin dragged the two of them, carrying a broken knife and smashing a bloody path.

He is too strong.

It’s totally unstoppable!

The whole world was shocked by Ye Junlin’s strength!

Daxia is very excited, but I am all curious about who this person is?

Is it really the legendary Baolong clan?

Or is it from the mysterious forces of Daxia?

However, Yan Longwei and the others have gradually got the answer, and everyone is tacitly aware.

Just don’t say it.

Treat this as a secret!

This incident has spread to a wide range, and now even the Baolong clan are beginning to pay attention.

Even many ancient forces are ready to move.

After all, the five Seventh Heavenly Powerhouses were all beheaded.

Another half day passed.

Ye Junlin beat him all the way.

There were countless casualties.

Can’t stop Ye Junlin’s footsteps at all.

He was very close to the southern border of the Warhawk Kingdom.

Even if there were thousands of troops, they would go to die when they encountered Ye Junlin.

Can’t stop it!

I can’t stop a single person if I give it all!


The Eagle Nation suffered an unprecedented humiliation!

“What should I do? In less than six hours, he will definitely be able to leave Warhawk Nation!”

“Should he leave like this? That would be our greatest shame! We will be laughed at by the whole world!”

“Think of a way, quickly think of a way! We must keep him in the territory of Warhawk Nation, and never let him leave!”

“Quickly, quickly, there is not much time left for us!”

At this time, the various circles of the Warhawk Nation were crazy.

It doesn’t matter whether Xu Zhengjie and Jefferson are alive or dead.

But face is important!

They were slapped frantically by Ye Junlin, but they couldn’t do anything about it.

Time passed by every minute.

Two hours passed.

“There is a way, we have a way!”

“Well, this method kills two birds with one stone!”

Tianshield finally figured out a way.

“Truce! Stop the war quickly!”

With an order from the Sky Shield Bureau, all the army in front of Ye Junlin stopped.

Just when Ye Junlin was wondering, several off-road vehicles with armistice flags drove in front of Ye Junlin.

Ye Junlin wanted to see what tricks the other party was playing.

He didn’t do anything.

The eyes of the world are focused on this.

Everyone wants to know what Sky Shield’s method is…

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