The Protector

Chapter: 1746

This is the strongest weapon created by the mysterious laboratory behind Richard and the Sky Shield.

This weapon represents destruction!

No one knows what this weapon is.

Is it an electromagnetic railgun or a laser or a biological weapon…

No one knows at all.

But everyone who knows the scepter of God understands that it represents a disaster of destruction.

Once used, it is absolutely devastating!

No defense can stop the scepter of God.

Unlike Xu Zhengjie’s God-killing weapon, the God-killing weapon is actually a small-range attack, specifically aimed at martial artists.

But the Scepter of God is a range attack.

Once used in a certain range, everything will be destroyed directly.

The name God’s Scepter has a very simple meaning, indicating that this weapon is like a punishment from God.

The power is evident.

This is definitely the secret laboratory, and even the weapon at the bottom of the shield!

So I won’t use it anyway.

The main weapon is equivalent to the real trump card of the Warhawk Nation. If we expose the trump card prematurely, it must be known to the whole world.

There will be no secrets about the scepter of God.

It won’t work anymore!

But now Ye Junlin forced the entire War Eagle Nation to this point.

Let the Sky Shield Bureau decide to use the Scepter of God to deal with Ye Junlin.

For the reputation of the war eagle!

They did it!

At this moment, countless people in War Eagle Nation are paying attention to Ye Junlin.

He is getting closer and closer to the border.

Time is passing fast.

Twenty minutes.

Ye Junlin dragged the two to walk in the desert.

Now that there is no one to stop him, Ye Junlin naturally knows that things are not easy.

The Eagle Nation will not let him go.

Will not let him leave easily.

A great danger awaits him ahead.

At this time, time passed very slowly every minute, and everyone was so nervous that they were sweating.

“The attack point has been set, and the target will reach the designated attack point in six minutes and 32 seconds!”

“The weapon is confirmed again that there is no problem!!!”

“everything’s ready!!!”

Richard and the laboratory installed everything and arranged the time of the attack.

Quietly waiting for the time to come!

Almost everyone was sweating and their bodies trembling.

This is the first use of the scepter of God.

Everyone was excited and nervous.

At this time, both Xu Zhengjie and Jefferson, who were dragged by Ye Junlin, had already woke up.

Xu Zhengjie also knew the identity of Ye Junlin.

“Ye Junlin, I admit that you are a ruthless person! You hit the war eagle country alone to become like this! But I promise you will never leave the war eagle country!”

Xu Zhengjie stared at Ye Junlin.

Jefferson also agreed: “Yes, no mistake. You can’t get out of here! My brother will never allow it!”

What Ye Junlin thought of, not only smiled: “Now they are afraid that they want to kill me, I am dead, and you will not live!”

What Xu Zhengjie and Jefferson realized, not only cold sweats, but their bodies trembled.


At this kind of moment, Ye Junlin would be stopped at all costs.

They are not important anymore.

Especially Xu Zhengjie, it has no value.

“But Ye Junlin, when I saw you die, I was also very excited! It doesn’t matter! Hahaha…”

Xu Zhengjie looked at Ye Junlin and laughed wildly.

He is a complete lunatic!

Jefferson’s body was trembling with fear.

five minutes.

Four minutes.

three minutes……

The countdown has been in a base.

Everyone’s nerves were so tense that they were about to explode.

Thirty-two seconds.




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