The Protector

Chapter: 1759

The sound was like muffled thunder.

Everyone present was frightened.

Especially the elites who had just been on the downstream wheel, all stopped and stared at the distance in a daze.

I saw Ye Junlin walking slowly at the station.

Ye Junlin suppressed everyone with a voice just now!

Even Xiao Feng and the others were shocked.

In Xiao Feng’s opinion, this issue has to be handled softly.

If we can discuss the solution, we can solve it, and we must not use strong means to solve it.

The tougher you are, the harder you can handle this matter.

It can be said that tough methods are the most stupid behavior to deal with this matter.

As a result, they just finished thinking like this, Ye Junlin shouted out.

They were also dumbfounded.

What is Ye Junlin doing?

Should we take the strongest way to resolve this matter?

In the past dozens of seconds, Gao Xiangcheng and other talents reacted one by one.

“You…what are you talking about?”

Xiong Xuebing asked tremblingly.

“I tell you to go back!”

“You guys, don’t set foot on Daxia’s land for half a step! Go back to me!”

Ye Junlin said word by word.

The sound was like thunder, scared everyone’s pupils to shrink, and the foot that had just stepped out abruptly retracted.

People like Gao Xiangcheng were really frightened by Ye Junlin’s powerful aura.

I dare not say a word!

But the thousands of fans behind him refused to agree!

Dare to treat their idols like this, don’t they dare?

“What did you say? Let them go back? What right do you have?”

“They are all elite talents, and keeping them out is Daxia’s loss!”

“I urge you to settle this matter peacefully. If you use tough methods, don’t blame us for not agreeing!”

“Yes, we don’t agree!”

“We don’t agree!”

The fans started to be restless, and they were out of control.

Dozens of international media quickly recorded this scene.

Put these news stories out.

When Gao Xiangcheng saw this, they all smiled.

No matter how tyrannical these people are, they can be covered by fans.

He looked at Ye Junlin proudly: “Yes, my family fans are wrong! Rejecting us is Daxia’s loss! I urge you to see the situation clearly and invite us back to Daxia obediently. This is what you want. made!”

Xiong Xuebing also echoed: “Wrong! The value we bring is incomparable! I have 17 million fans, what are you? Dare to tell me to go back?”

“Yes, my assets are 3 billion. Is my value not great? How much investment can I bring?”

“No, I have hundreds of factories, how many jobs can I provide?”

These elites all spoke out one by one.

There is one saying, and a lot of what they say is right.

But there is one thing, they are not only giving, they are also asking for it?

No Daxia, where do their fans come from, where do their assets come from, and where do they come from factories?

Isn’t this because you can’t hang around abroad and just want to return to your country to gain benefits from your compatriots?

He said that he was so tall, in fact, it was all for himself.

“well said!”

“We support you! If anyone dares to drive you away! Unless you step over from us!”

“Yes, yes, we are blocking, who dare to stop, I see?”

Fans are easily moved.

With a few words from the idols, their blood boiled over.

Once Ye Junlin wants to stop people, they will stand in the front.

Seeing the effect of the fans, these people laughed.

They looked at Ye Junlin arrogantly.

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