The Protector

Chapter: 1766

A sensation throughout Daxia, and even the whole world.

Because Tianji Pavilion has reopened the very old list-Daxiaxiadi list.

What is the Big Summer Land List?

It was a long time ago, much earlier than before the covenant of the gods came out, the ranking of the strongest in Daxia.

The so-called land list is the list of young powerhouses under the age of 30, also called the Tianjiao list, the potential list.

The sky list is the ranking of all the strong.

Because for so long, there are no strong people who are truly qualified to be on the list.

So the big summer rankings have been silent for too long too long.

Except for some ancient tribes, basically no one has heard of it.

But the times have changed drastically now.

The covenant of the gods is torn up.

The strong flooded into the world like a cloud and entered everyone’s eyes.

In particular, Ye Junlin led his army to defeat the Domination Alliance, even after the Eagle Nation successively beheaded five Seventh Heavenly Powers.

This situation has changed drastically.

Now there are people who can qualify for the Great Summer Land List.

Besides, Tianji Pavilion almost controls all the secrets and intelligence of time.

Daxia’s potential hidden masters are also recorded.

Although there are still many forces and strong people who have not appeared, or that they are hidden very deeply.

But Tianji Pavilion knew everything about them, including their strength ratings.

Let me put it this way.

Almost all the combat power of Daxia masters are under the control of Tianji Pavilion.

That’s why they can rank the most just world ranking!

As soon as the world list came out, the entire Daxia and the whole world were shocked.

But the vast majority of the strong on the list are unknown to everyone.

Most of them are just names.

Of course, the real name is even less known.

The only person who is familiar with the list is the mysterious man who killed the five great seven heavenly powers in the Eagle Nation.

Although many people knew that person was Ye Junlin.

But in order to avoid spreading to Ye Junlin’s relatives and friends.

Yan Longwei still hides everything.

Otherwise it will be too much trouble.

The code name of the mysterious man-Zhentianwang.

The meaning is taken from the Zhentian Temple.

But what is shocking is–

The King of Heaven, who has slaughtered the five Seventh Heavenly Powers in a row, is only ranked 20th at the end of the Heaven List!


All this is terrible!

This shocked Daxia and the whole world.

A strong man who made the war eagle country misunderstood only ranked 20th, so how strong should the people in front be?

Especially how strong are the top three?

Isn’t it going to destroy the world!

This list was singled out, and everyone was shocked.

The World Ranking is a warning to the world.

Let you know how strong Daxia is?

There are at least 19 people who are better than Zhentianwang!

There is also that the powerhouses of the seventh heaven do not even have the qualifications to be on the list!

this is too scary!

Who dares to invade Daxia again?

Are you looking for death?

You can’t say that this list is fake.

Because this was discharged from the Tianji Pavilion!

Other countries are recognized!

For a time, the Daxia martial arts world was in full swing, showing unprecedented brilliance.

Other overseas countries are even more desperate.

This time, Da Xia was completely pulled away.

Ye Junlin also quickly learned about the world rankings.

He wasn’t interested in his rank.

I’m just more curious about this list.

He also asked Yan Longwei.

Yan Longwei’s answer is that it does have the meaning of shocking other countries, and the other is that they can’t control the affairs of Tiance Mansion.

Tiance Mansion and Yanlongwei are equal organizations and can cooperate with each other, but cannot command each other.

Ye Junlin opened up the ranking of the land list again.

The local rankings are all young people on the rankings, and Ye Junlin didn’t even know them.

But when he saw the end, his face changed drastically.

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