The Protector

Chapter: 1767

There is no other reason.

Because the person at the bottom of the list is Junjun.

His daughter.

The name at the end is too dazzling!

It made Ye Junlin stay calm for a long time.

Who leaked the matter of Junjun’s talent?

In fact, Li and Zhao’s family had deliberately blocked them. As for Wushuang City, they couldn’t wait to hide Junjun, let alone leak it out.

Who would leak it out?

What’s more, Ye Junlin was sure that Junjun would definitely not be able to make the list if he relied on pure strength.

He has always laid a solid foundation for Junjun, but he has not allowed her to increase her strength.

The only reason that Junjun was on the list was Junjun’s potential.

Someone discovered Junjun’s talent!

That’s why Jun Jun is at the bottom of the list!

And the most frightening thing is that Tianji Pavilion has marked the reason for being on the list-this child’s talent is the strongest in Daxia’s millennium.

In this way, Jun Jun became completely famous.

If she grows up, she will be number one in the future and number one in the sky.

Ye Junlin thought that someone had leaked the gift of Junjun.

In fact, all of this is under the control of Tiance Mansion Tianji Pavilion.

It was Tianji Pavilion who ranked Junjun on the earth list.

Ye Junlin smiled helplessly.

Both father and daughter are on the list.

One day list, one place list.

The ridiculous thing is at the end.

The King of Zhentian’s ranking shocked the world.

Junjun’s ranking shocked Daxia.

The ranking list is the ranking list of Tianjiao, even if it is under 30 years old.

But Junjun is too young.

On the list at a few years old.

Everyone was shocked after seeing the list.

Whose kid is this?

This talent is terrible, right?

Even Junjun’s reputation spread abroad.

The great summer is like a cloud, and there are such potential children, who can stop in the future?

After Ye Junlin hurried back to Jiangbei.

The house is also upset.

Because everyone knows the world list, Li Ziran knows all of them.

Li and Zhao’s family, and many people from the Western Shu family came one after another.

This is simply a big deal.

“Do you know King’s Landing?”

Li Ziran hurriedly asked when Ye Jun was coming.

“Well, I know, it’s my fault, I don’t keep a good secret!”

Ye Junlin blamed himself.

As a father, I naturally want to protect Jun Jun for a lifetime. This secret can be kept for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, there is still no way to keep it.

Then Jun Jun’s danger is more.

There must be a sect force who wants to bring Junjun back to train.

Similar to Wushuang City Black God Sect.

There is also the overseas powerhouses who definitely don’t want Junjun to grow up.

Once Junjun grows up, it will be a threat to overseas countries.

So they will find ways to get rid of Junjun and kill him in the bud.

Everyone present knew that this event was not a happy event.

Jun Jun is still too young and has no self-protection ability.

They have no ability to protect the king.

If danger comes, who can stop it?

“Don’t worry, with me, who dares to move Junjun?”

Ye Junlin said coldly.

“You can pull it down, this matter of Junjun is equivalent to stabbing Louzi! I don’t know how many people are rushing to ask Junjun? In the future, we may not even see the children!”

“Hey, my poor Junjun, isn’t it good to be an ordinary person?”

Several old people hugged Junjun distressedly.

“It’s okay if you are the King of Zhentian! But I heard that King of Zhentian belongs to the Baolong clan!”

Several people sighed.

Due to Yanlongwei’s secrecy, the Zhentianwang’s information cannot be leaked.

Ye Junlin said coldly: “But I am the king of the word side by side, who would dare to touch my daughter?”

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