The Protector

Chapter: 1769

The main reason is that Xu Zhengjie is too free in the base.

Not to mention that there is a very high level of authority.

He can use almost all the top laboratories.

He can do his own thing by making a contribution.

There is no doubt at all.

That is why Wen Lei pays more attention to Xu Zhengjie, and other people can’t wait to confess Xu Zhengjie.

The main Xu Zhengjie was too capable. After coming for a few days, he helped everyone solve a lot.

After calming down, Xu Zhengjie put on protective clothing and went to the base laboratory area.

“I want to use the third laboratory!”

The person who approved it was Wen Lei.

She routinely checks Xu Zhengjie for any bugs or other equipment.

“Okay, approve!”

Seeing Xu Zhengjie and his team enter the laboratory, Wen Lei always felt a little strange.

But she couldn’t tell what it was.

Xu Zhengjie now has more and more authority, and he can use the third laboratory.

She always feels that it is not a good thing.

But everyone trusts Xu Zhengjie extremely.

“Don’t have any trouble!”

Wen Lei rubbed her swollen head.

the other side.

Ye Junlin had collected all the tokens of the Zhentiandian brothers collected by the Western Heavenly King.

When he first came back, Ye Junlin asked the Western Heavenly King to make preparations.

This group of brothers has no bones, even without a name and no surname.

After death, Ye Junlin had to build a burial mound for them.

And engraved their names!

Today, the garment tombs have been built.

Ye Junlin will personally pay homage to the brothers and engrave their names on their tombstones.

Somewhere in the cemetery of Fengtian City in the northeast.

Ye Junlin took Junjun, followed by Xitianwang and others.

“Bring the sword!”

Ye Junlin said lowly.

A person behind him threw a long sword.

Immediately, Ye Junlin carved his name on the tombstones.

“Du Junhao’s Tomb!”

“The Tomb of Gao Liangpeng!”

“Zhang Hongming’s Tomb!”

A total of nine hundred and ninety-nine tombstones, Ye Junlin carved their names one by one.

Behind them, the Western Heavenly Kings stood silently.

After the engraving, Ye Junlin picked up a jar of wine and sprinkled it in front, and he lifted the remaining half to drink.

“Brothers go all the way!”

The crowd chanted.

“Almost a thousand new graves?”

At this time, a group of people came not far away.

The headed man looked at Ye Junlin and said with a smile.

“Master, it looks like a cloak! I heard that they were sacrificed on the battlefield, and there was not even a corpse left!”

There is a human being next to it.

“A bunch of fools!”

“One by one has a brain disease! Who remembers you when you die? One by one went desperately, and in the end there were no corpses left!”

The young man laughed.

Several people next to him agreed: “Yes, it’s wrong! It’s just a group of people who have been brainwashed! In fact, they all went to die in vain! A group of fools!”

“It also protects Daxia, in fact, it is a group of foolish people who are protecting!”

The discussions among them were inconvenient.

“Yes, they also issued an order to prevent those who left Daxia from returning! By the way, Master, how did you come back?”

Everyone looked at the young man with curiosity.

It turns out that the young man also fled out of Daxia.

Now he is back.

It seemed that Ye Junlin’s command had no effect on him.

But Ye Junlin heard what they said completely.

“You guys stop me!”

Ye Junlin sounded like thunder.

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