The Protector

Chapter: 1771

Ye Junlin wants to know who is An Shiqi?

Let him return to Daxia!

“My identity? Hahaha…you only need to wait a few minutes to find out!”

An Shiqi smiled.

Looking at Ye Junlin’s eyes, it was like looking at a prey.

“Okay, I’ll wait!”

It just so happened that Ye Junlin wanted to pull it up from the source.

A few minutes later.

There were hundreds of black cars outside the cemetery.

With the accompanying bodyguards, there are at least a thousand people.

Obviously, this is a family sacrifice.

Their background is also great.

The first consortium of Fengtian City settled down.

When Daxia was in crisis, they were very close to the battlefield in the East, and they chose to leave Daxia for the first time and went to the East Island.

Today, Daxia is back to normal.

Anjia came back quietly again.

The first thing that comes back is to worship the ancestors.

After all, they knew in their hearts that leaving Daxia at the beginning was an act of betraying their ancestors.

After returning, he quickly came to worship the ancestors.

As a junior, An Shiqi came first.

Unexpectedly, I met Ye Junlin.

Soon, everyone in Anjia entered the cemetery.

“Grandpa, save me!”

From afar, An Shiqi began to shout.

This voice shocked everyone in the An family.

Soon, thousands of people gathered around.

Seeing An Shiqi and his party kneeling on the ground, everyone in the An family was furious.

It is strange that Ye Junlin saw many warriors dressed in Dongdao from among them.

Everyone is still a master!

Especially when these Toshima warriors saw Jun Jun, their expressions changed drastically.

Obviously recognized Junjun.

After all, Jun Jun is now famous.

Her information, photos and other materials were passed out early.

It is not surprising that these people know each other.

“Who made you kneel down?”

A white-haired old man headed by, leaning on a cane, yelled at Ye Junlin and his group.

“it’s me!”

Ye Junlin said lightly.

“Grandpa is him, he wants to know who I am! Please tell him!”

After An Shiqi had a backer,

Speaking is a lot harder.

“Kid, listen well, we are the first family of Fengtian City! This is my grandson of An Xianglong. Do you dare to tell him to kneel down? I make you want to walk around!”

An Xianglong roared.

“Then I ask you, did you leave Daxia nationality and go abroad some time ago when you settled down?”

Ye Junlin asked.

An Xianglong fought for each other: “Yes, it’s wrong! We went to the East Island, what’s wrong?”

“Then you dare to come back recently? Don’t you know the ban?”

Ye Junlin’s tone was cold.

Everyone in the Anjia laughed: “Of course I know! The ban is only for the weak! It can’t control my Anjia! In Daxia, we will return as soon as we want. Who can take us?”

“Who let you enter Daxia?”

Ye Junlin asked.

“Boy, who the hell are you? You can ask about my settlement?”

Someone in the An family is already angry.

“I made the ban! I will investigate this matter to the end, and I will follow you when you settle down!”

Ye Junlin said coldly.

“What? You…you are the king of the word side by side?”

An Xianglong’s face changed.

Unexpectedly, I would meet Ye Junlin here.

The expressions of other people in Anjia also changed drastically.

The Higashishima Samurai in the team looked solemn after hearing this.

He even started to make An Jia apologize.

This is what Ye Junlin and the others hadn’t thought of.

An Jia would listen to the Toshima Samurai, and the Toshima Samurai subdued so quickly.

There must be a conspiracy.

Ye Junlin’s expression became serious.

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