The Protector

Chapter: 1776

So many ancient forces have emerged all at once, of course they are not idle.

Just to take away Junjun.

There were originally several strong forces who wanted to take away Junjun directly.

But they didn’t even think that there were seventy-four waves.

This is simply terrible.

So which sect you belong to is a difficult question.

“Yes, it is necessary to discuss it carefully! Such a genius is definitely insulting to be placed in the general school, but my Tianyan Pavilion is a good choice! Let us, everyone?”

“That won’t work! It’s not bad for you to be taken in the Qinghong Palace!”

“We are not bad, this kid should follow us, as a girl, it suits me Ziyan Pavilion!”

All major forces quarreled, and the scene was once very chaotic.

When Li and Zhao saw this, they had mixed joys and sorrows.

Jun Jun is too valuable.

She can completely cause shocks in the Daxia martial arts world, and even the whole world.

This is amazing.

What worries you is to which power do you belong?

Looking at this posture, it is estimated that the blood will be broken, and I can’t choose…

“Don’t make any noise!”

Just as everyone was at war, a voice sounded.

It turned out to be the voice of the Phoenix Palace.

They were the first wave to come here just now.

Everyone present looked at them.

“Well, three days later, all of our forces will hold an apprenticeship gathering here! As for who gets the child, let the child and the family choose among all our forces!”

“What everyone has to do is to show all the strength cards and let them choose for themselves!”

The proposal of the Phoenix Palace said.

The persons in charge of other major forces also nodded one after another: “This method is okay, otherwise we will continue to fight for fear that there will be countless deaths and injuries!”

“Yes, yes, let them choose by themselves! We have the ability to get it! Let the barbarians outside Daxia see the prosperity of my Daxia martial arts world!”

In the end, everyone discussed and decided that, three days later, a ceremony for accepting apprentices would be held in Jiangbei.

At that time, the major forces will show their strongest cards one by one.

Then let the monarch and the family choose who to join.

Of course, whoever chooses the most powerful is not necessarily the one among them.

After all, there are so many forces, no one is directly strong enough to overwhelm all forces.

There are usually three or four tied for the top.

At this time, you must choose the one that suits Junjun. For example, Junjun is a girl. It would be better to choose a martial art with a majority of women.

Or choose a more suitable exercise method for Jun Jun, and various factors such as Jun Jun’s physique.

There is a lot of room for choice.

It is equivalent to throwing the problem to Li Ziran these people.

However, the Li and Zhao family are still very excited.

With so many forces supporting Junjun, they will definitely have a boundless future in the future.

Together with the clan of Xishu, it was also tainted.

Soon Ye Junlin came back.

The elders of the family, upon seeing this, slapped their heads and covered their faces with a curse.

Not even the father-in-law and even Zhou Yingying were happy.

After all, Jun Jun just experienced a great danger.

As a result, Ye Junlin, the father, was not there yet.

How can this not make everyone angry?

If there were no backers they invited and so many masters to support.

Jun Jun is afraid that it will be too bad.

“I don’t want to hear your explanation either! Junjun is experiencing danger this time, and you are not here! It’s useless to say anything!”

Li Ziran was also very angry.

In fact, Ye Junlin knew about this a long time ago, after all, his secret team had already sent a message.

They don’t even have a chance to shoot!

This is what Ye Junlin expected!

“In three days, it will be the grand ceremony of the monarch’s apprenticeship! At that time, nearly a hundred forces will accept the monarch as disciples, and we will select the most suitable power for the monarch to join!”

Ye Junlin smiled: “Want to accept my daughter as an apprentice? You have to see if they have this strength? I will go personally then!”

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