The Protector

Chapter: 1779

The language is not surprising and endless.

Ye Junlin said this.

The audience was silent.

Hundreds of forces, tens of thousands of people were all stunned.

Not eligible?

Ye Junlin’s words echoed in everyone’s mind and exploded directly like thunder.

Put aside hundreds of forces aside.

That is, there are 13 strong people in the Seventh Heaven.

This lineup is far more terrifying than the slaying of mysterious masters in the Eagle Nation at that time.

Turns out to be qualified in Ye Junlin’s mouth?

How strong is it to be able to say this?

It’s so cute!


At this time, everyone laughed.

Watching Ye Junlin is like watching a fool.

“Boy, I don’t care what your status is! If I hear this kind of thing again, I’m absolutely not welcome! Even if you are the father of this child!”

The Lord of Tianwu Temple warned.

The other masters are the same.

How dare you say that they are not worthy?

Who deserves it?

“My daughter’s talent is not something everyone here can protect! You are too weak!”

“Let’s go first, don’t hit my daughter’s ideas in the future!”

After speaking, Ye Junlin was about to leave with Junjun.


Everyone present was dumbfounded.


Is this person sick?

Actually look down on these hundreds of forces?

Even the thirteen Seventh Heavenly powerhouses are not in your eyes?

Thirteen people!

Before the emergence of five war eagle nations, it was enough to shock the world.

Now if it is not for their own interests, where can 13 people come out?

As a result, everyone was despised by Ye Junlin.

Looking at the back of Ye Junlin about to leave, everyone was dumbfounded, but they were also angry.

“Dare he go? Stop him for me!”

The lord of Tianwu Hall angrily gave the order.

In an instant, several masters stopped in front of Ye Junlin.

Ye Junlin stopped, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “Well, let you know why you are not qualified!”

Ye Junlin turned around and looked at the Hall Master of Tianwu Palace and the others, hooked his fingers and said: “Let’s go up together with the Seventh Heaven!”


Ye Junlin is arrogant to the extreme!

It means that except for the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse, everyone else is not looking at it.

No, the Seventh Heaven is also not in the eyes.

“Boy, you are looking for death!”

Next to him, a Sixth Heavenly Master couldn’t bear it, and immediately killed Ye Junlin.


Ye Junlin didn’t look back, but he waved his right arm lightly.

Suddenly, an overwhelming force pressed across.


The master of the sixth heaven was immediately blasted out.

At this time, everyone’s face changed.

Ye Junlin had two things!

“Boy, I think you are upset! I’m here to treat you!”

The master of the Tianwu Palace immediately came to kill.

The Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse is really violent!

As soon as his combat skills were displayed, the world changed color, and everyone just felt that the world was spinning.

Ye Junlin smiled coldly: “Pediatrics!”


He just blasted out a flat punch.


But the head of the Tianwu Palace was invincible at all and flew out directly.


The audience was shocked!

No one thought that Ye Junlin would be so strong!

Even the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse is not an opponent!

“I will meet you!”

The Master of the Seven Lights Palace also shot.


Ye Junlin flew back with a punch.

The second seventh heavenly powerhouse loses!

“I come!”

The head of the Phoenix Palace shot.


The third seventh heavenly powerhouse loses!

Fourth place.

Fifth place.

The thirteenth place.

Thirteen Seventh Heavenly Powers were defeated by Ye Junlin, and everyone was a punch!

After doing all this, Ye Junlin turned and left with Junjun.

There were tens of thousands of people in the audience, looking dumbfounded at Ye Junlin and his daughter.

No one dared to stop it anymore.


Extremely shocked!

Defeated thirteen Seventh Heaven Powerhouses in one person!

What kind of strength does this have?

Top ranking master!

Definitely a master of the top rankings!

They are really qualified!

Li Ziran and others outside saw the two come out and immediately asked about the situation.

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