The Protector

Chapter: 1788

Ye Junlin has seen this group of people…

It was in the cemetery near Fengtian City.

The Higashishima samurai entrained in the Anjia family.

When Ye Junlin was asked to face him upright, the group of people were strange and forced An Jia to apologize.

At that time, Ye Junlin realized that this group of people might have a conspiracy.

Let the Western Heavenly King send someone to stare at him.

But to this day, this group of people did not show any strangeness at all.

Therefore, the observation of the Western Heavenly King has always been stable.

But these people are only planners, not implementers.

They didn’t have any actions, so the West Heavenly King’s intelligence department would not find out.

It turned out that everything in Baiyun Villa was planned by this group of people.

Now, they sent a strong man to capture Junjun.

“Ono-kun is fortunate!”

The crowd bowed to a shadow.

There was a shadow in the faint light.

That is Ono-kun in the crowd-Ichiro Ono.

He has a nickname called Shadow Warrior.

It means that he is like the shadow.

In addition to practicing Higashishima Kendo, Ono Ichiro also practices a special technique-ninjutsu!

If he hides, basically no one can find him.

He can hide anywhere, almost blending with the environment.

It is a bit like the leader of the God Killing Organization that Ye Junlin killed in the War Eagle Nation.

But when it comes to hiding technology alone, Ichiro Ono is stronger.

The powerful shadowman is the assassination technique, and Ono Ichiro’s powerful is the invisibility technique.

So when Ono Ichiro captured Junjun, the four masters of Tianlong didn’t have any reaction.

Together with Ye Junlin, who was relatively far away from the outside, he didn’t even notice it.

After all, Ye Junlin hadn’t noticed a trace of energy fluctuations.

“My princes, my mission is complete! Now it’s up to you all!”

Ono Ichiro quickly retreated.

After taking a look at Jun Jun, several Samurai Warriors of Toshima said in unison: “Okay, let’s start!”

Ye Junlin had a foreboding that this group of Dongdao people had premeditated, but he didn’t expect this group of guys to move so much.

Or come directly at him!

On the other side, Ye Junlin sent out all the forces that could be sent out.

Almost the entire Daxia was frantically looking for Junjun’s whereabouts.

Ye Junlin knew that the urgency was useless.

He sat, calming his mind.

But the heart has been quiet all the time.

He is forcibly calming himself down.

He regrets now and should continue to install the positioning tracking chip on Jun Jun.

Otherwise, he would already know where Junjun is.


After rescuing Jun Jun, he will implant the chip again.

The Tianlong people were still staring at Ye Junlin.

“No? My daughter is lost, he is so calm?”

Looking at Ye Junlin, who was calmly meditating, the Earth Tiger was dissatisfied.

“That means his daughter is totally lost!”

“I can’t stand it anymore!”

Finally they couldn’t help but walked out.

“Ye Junlin, you keep saying that your daughter was taken away by the enemy! Shouldn’t you go all over the world in a hurry to find it? How can you calmly meditate here?”

Huang Hu asked directly.

Ye Junlin said with eyes wide open: “It is not your turn to take care of my Ye Junlin’s affairs!”

“I’m in a bad mood, get out!”

Hearing Ye Junlin’s strong attitude, the Tianlong four became angry.

When have they been treated this way?

As the strongest Guwu institution in Daxia!

They are almost outside any rules, even Yan Longwei can’t order them.

Such status determines their nobility.

Who dares to talk to them like this?

Dare to tell them to go?

Eat the bear heart and leopard courage!

“Ye Junlin, I will warn you one last time, quickly hand over the child! Don’t force me to do it, I have endured you for a long time!”

Xuan Lang couldn’t bear it anymore.

He wanted to challenge the King of Heaven for a long time.


Suddenly, Ye Junlin opened his eyes: “Then stop talking nonsense and start fighting!”

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