The Protector

Chapter: 1789

This was Ye Junlin’s most annoying moment, but Xuanlang Tianlong kept buzzing in his ears like flies.

Ye Junlin had the heart to kill.

He wants to shoot these four people out.

The Tianlong trio wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

The rattling atmosphere is on the verge.

Xuan Lang looked very excited and sneered: “Let me try how strong is the top twenty?”

“One punch for you!”

Ye Junlin has raised his fist and is about to blast out.


Ye Junlin raised this fist.

The earth was trembling, and the wind gradually condensed.

An overwhelming momentum is coming!

The complexion of Tianlong people changed drastically.

The strong one in the sky list is really strong enough!

Even Xuan Lang’s face changed drastically.

But he became more and more excited.

The stronger Ye Junlin is, the more interested he is.

Xuan Lang also began to run the strongest technique.

I am going to compete with Ye Jun!

At the very moment of his death, the Western Heavenly King suddenly ran in in a hurry.

“Wang, there is a message!”

She shouted at Ye Junlin.

A big battle was abruptly destroyed.

Hearing that, Ye Junlin abruptly retracted his fist and hurriedly left with the Western Heavenly King.

“You won’t be so lucky next time!”

Before leaving, Ye Junlin left a word for Xuan Lang.

Xuan Lang would be half to death with anger.

“Listen to him? I suspect he didn’t dare! Just avoid me like this!”

Xuan Lang said angrily.

Tianlong looked at each other.

“Is that really the case? Is he scared?”

They can’t think of other reasons.

After all, they always thought that Ye Junlin had hidden Junjun, not lost it.

“Go, let’s follow, continue to stare at him, see what tricks he has?”

On the other side, Ye Junlin followed the Western Heavenly King to Jiangbei Base.

“Wang, we just got information! Someone took Junjun to a small island in the East China Sea of ​​Daxia, to openly find a master for Junjun!”

Ye Junlin frowned: “My daughter has someone else’s turn to find her a master? Has my consent been obtained?”

“It’s wrong! And the condition for accepting the monarch as a disciple is to take out the treasure! Whose treasure is more valuable! Whoever can accept the emperor as a disciple!”

The words are not astonishing and the death is endless, when the Western Heavenly King said this.

Ye Junlin’s face changed wildly.

“What? How about accepting my daughter as a disciple like this?”

“You are challenging my bottom line!!!”

Ye Junlin’s whole person is hostile, and there is a solemn killing between the world and the earth.

Everyone around him suddenly had difficulty breathing, or even suffocated.

The terrible hostility and murderous intent overwhelmed the sky.

After the Tianlong people arrived, they felt terrified.

“This, this… Isn’t this evil? This terrible evil!”

This was the first time they had personally felt the hostility emanating from Ye Junlin.

He increasingly regarded Ye Junlin as a demon.

“If you don’t get rid of this demon, Daxia will be messed up sooner or later!”

Several people of Xuan Lang had already given birth to a strong killing intent.

In the base.

Ye Junlin shouted wildly: “Quickly check it out! The specific island! What time is it! Check it out for me as quickly as possible!”

“I don’t care who it is! You really provoke me this time, Kill Without Amnesty! Kill Without Amnesty!”

Ye Junlin was very angry, very angry!

How could he not be angry when his daughter was taken into a disciple like this?

“Everyone is dispatched, find it for me!”

Ye Junlin also asked Xiao Feng and his secret team to find someone.

He even gathered all the evil ways to recover.

Let them find it too.

Maybe these people are more informed.

It just happened that the scene of the gathering of evil sects and crooked ways was really seen by the Tianlong four.

“What does Ye Junlin want to do? With so many evil sects, is he going to turn around?”

The Tianlong four were frightened.

“Immediately notify the Tiance Mansion and the Baolong clan, let them send someone! Hurry up, hurry up! Ye Jun is here to make a big move!”


Jun Jun is to be accepted as a disciple.

This is their plan.

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