The Protector

Chapter: 1792

“The location is on an island somewhere in the East China Sea… the specifics are all inside!”

The Western Heavenly King marked the location.

“Go, immediately arrange the fastest transportation for me!”

Ye Junlin couldn’t wait to fly over immediately.

It’s just that his strength is still in that position.

Soon, King Xi Tian arranged a supersonic fighter plane to carry Ye Junlin to the small island in the East China Sea.

As soon as Ye Junlin moved here, the Tianlong four immediately became alert.

“Hurry up and find out where Ye Junlin is, let’s follow!”

“Also, let the support of Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan divert the way and keep up with us!”

Tiance Mansion also chased up immediately.

After all, Ye Junlin’s whereabouts were not a secret.

If they forcefully use commands or means, it is easy to know all this.

Ye Jun is in front, and they are behind.

Ye Junlin on the plane had only one belief, quickly reached the island and rescued Junjun.

On the small island, the apprenticeship meeting began.

The various forces displayed valuable things one by one.

“My treasure is a top combat skill… Cang Ming combat skill!”


After hearing this, everyone took a breath.

Have you taken out this combat skill?

too terrifying!

“My treasure is a celestial spear!”


Looking at the dazzling Tianshen Gun, everyone took another breath.

The god spear is cast from meteorite iron from the outer world, and is known to pierce everything.

Whoever owns it will definitely increase in strength.

“The things I took out are some priceless treasures…”

Then the major forces began to show their treasures one after another.

Each piece is invaluable, and the sound of cold breath is endless.

But the Higashishima samurai looked calm.

Obviously none of these things are what they want.

The really powerful characters still have no shots.

Dozens of forces in the countries around Daxia also showed their trump cards one by one.

The apprentice-receiving conference has also gradually entered the military.

The value of their treasures is also greater than that of one item, and they are all treasures that have caused a sensation when they are taken out.

But the leaders of the Toshima samurai still shook their heads.

After all, these things still fell short of their expectations.

“I come!”

At this time, the lord of Fenglei City Feng Lei Jian Zhizun stood up.

“My treasure is a Heavenly Frost Sword! It is cast from the fusion of thousands of years of profound ice, and it is comparable to my Wind Thunder Sword!”

Feng Lei Jian Zhizun took out a sword.

Suddenly, the temperature in the entire area dropped, and everyone felt a deep chill.

Seeing this sword came out, the eyes of the Samurai Higashishima slowly lit up.

This is what they are interested in.

“My treasure is a magic medicine! It can transform an ordinary person into a Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse!”

After Xuanming Dao Shen, the master of Xuanming Hall, appeared on the stage, everyone was suffocated.

Isn’t this magic medicine terrible?

The eyes of the Higashishima samurai were bright again.

They are more interested in this.

The usefulness of this magic medicine is too great…

The efficacy of the medicine can be said to be amazing!

But then, everyone turned their attention to one person.

The eleventh Five Dragon Taoist in the Big Summer!

He is different from the martial artist, he is practicing Taoism.

But strong warriors have to bow their heads.

Otherwise, he won’t be the eleventh one on the top list.

Now he is the only one left in the court to take out the treasure.

Taoist Wulong had a cold face, and he had a look in his eyes.

The apprentice next to him immediately took out a wooden box.

“My master’s treasure is one of the magic weapons of Wulong Mountain-God Lei Yin!”

The little apprentice said.

The magic weapon of this kind of Taoism is the same as the weapon of the warrior, which adds to the combat effectiveness.

In fact, the magic weapon is easy to understand.

In ordinary people’s lives.

For example, the elderly like to go to temples and Taoist temples to ask for something, pray for fortune, etc. to increase luck.

This is actually the same as the magic weapon.

It’s just that the god Lei Yin of Wulong Taoist is here to kill…

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