The Protector

Chapter: 2821

Ye Junlin looked at the two curiously and asked.

Since he found these two people.

It seems that they didn’t make any big moves.

How to retaliate, made him very curious.

God’s mind subconsciously said: “Actually we…”

Just as he was about to say it, he was interrupted by the Dark Doctor: “You found it before you had time to retaliate!”

“You also understand that it must be a huge project to retaliate to the Warhawk Nation! It will never be that simple! This is only ten days, what can you do?”

Although Ye Junlin saw a hint.

The Dark Doctor must have deliberately concealed it, not willing to say it.

But he did not find any abnormalities at the scene.

According to their thoughts, if they want revenge, there will definitely be a huge wave.

But the two were empty-handed.

There are also no large laboratories or bases.

They did not produce anything, similar to Leviathan and the like.

So it seems.

They are really not ready.

Little did they know that their revenge did not create anything.

It is a hidden danger inherent in the world, but now they are going to pierce this hidden danger.

But Ye Junlin didn’t know all this.

After all, there is nothing around these two people.

Moreover, all their secret bases and the like were all discovered by the Sky Shield Bureau.

There is no chance at all.

Therefore, Ye Junlin didn’t care much.

After Ye Junlin left.

God’s brain was a little nervous and said, “Are we doing it too early? It seems that other methods are also possible!”

Doctor Dark nodded: “It’s a bit early, but the automatic program has started! What can I do? I can only wait for it to be destroyed!”

the other side.

The Sky Shield Bureau looked like crazy.

Even if the matter was concealed, Smith knew it soon.

While condemning the Black Hawk agent, he also sent additional manpower to find the Dark Doctor.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Alliance searched very hard.

In just one hour, twenty-eight large forces that have tried to find the Dark Doctor have been wiped out.

All parties are at stake for a while.

This is their determination!

Because the Eagle Nation knew too much about the laboratories of the gods.

Knowing how much things would happen if the remnants of Doctor Darkness were left behind.

So they are as crazy as they are.

It must be found in the shortest time, or it will be over!

In that old castle in Western Continent.

Around the big round table are all members of the organization, either sitting or standing.

“In fact, the Dark Doctor itself has research value, especially for us, his research value is even greater! He is obviously an ordinary doctor, but he has entered the main priest!

Not only rely on his research, but also rely on his powerful strength! This is too valuable for research! ”

“It’s a pity that Ye Junlin got on the ground first! We can’t bear this tone!”

“Everyone said what should be done?”

Everyone talked about each other.

“Anyway, we have to arrest Ye Junlin’s daughter Junjun for research! In my opinion, it might as well take a one-time action! Bring back the Dark Doctor and Junjun!”

One of them suggested.

“Yes! Grab one of them, and Ye Junlin panicked. Then tell him to ignore both of them!”

“Well, let’s act early! Let’s head to Daxia!”

His proposal was approved by everyone.

This ancient organization immediately summoned its staff to go to Daxia.

“Not enough, we have to continue to put pressure on Ye Junlin!”

Soon after.

Suddenly a message came out-Doctor Darkness and the Brain of God in the Lab of the Gods were taken away by the word Daxia and Wang Ye Junlin.

Not only that, but also showed the scene at that time.

Ye Junlin was among the three.

All over the world exploded for a while.

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