The Protector

Chapter: 2828

After all, the safe island project that we all assisted each other in the past was just completed.

It’s all available now.

Upon hearing this.

All parties immediately started using it.

The number of safe islands is also sufficient to be used by Daxia and the parties involved in the construction.

As for other people, they can only figure out their own solutions.

I can still remind you for now.

“It is estimated that there are less than ten hours left for the full outbreak of the catastrophe! This is a conservative estimate! If the outbreak is fast and severe, then only six hours!”

Yan Longwei directly stated the remaining time in the meeting and asked everyone to prepare.

This is actually to see how big a hole the two aircraft can open the super soul vein.

If it is smaller, it is estimated that it will take ten hours to spread from the Antarctic glacier.

If it’s big, it doesn’t have to be. It will explode in an all-round way, and it will soon spread to the whole world.

That’s six hours.

Anyway, Yan Longwei is calling on the whole world to face this catastrophe together. Since we can’t avoid it, then hurry up. What can we save? What can I leave behind?

This live broadcast of Yan Longwei facing the world will be released as soon as it is released.

The whole world is in chaos.

And at the moment.

Ye Junlin on the Golden Eagle fighter suddenly noticed something abnormal.


A light arrow actually shot towards here.


Ye Junlin directly exploded a terrifying force in the air.

Shatter this light arrow!

“Who the hell! Come to harass this time!”

Ye Junlin was really going to explode.

If it’s usually okay.

But now.


At this moment of adding fuel to the fire, there was interference.

He was going to drive Ye Junlin crazy!

Now time is the most precious time.

There must be no obstruction!

Now someone appears in front of you!

“Swish swish…”

Light arrows struck in mid-air, as if the Golden Eagle fighter jets were to be penetrated!

“Go away!!!”

Ye Junlin was angry.

I don’t know who the person is, but the Golden Eagle fighter was temporarily blocked.

Time is also passing by one minute and one second.

On the other side, Agent Black Hawk after contacting Ye Junlin.

Just as it was about to activate the authority of the fastest aircraft of the Sky Shield, it was blocked by others.

“Wait! It’s Ye Junlin’s strategy to prevent the inconsistency! Look at it before saying that he will kill Doctor Dark and help us find it. The result? He deliberately disrupted our direction and took people away secretly!”

“Yeah, this Ye Junlin is too cunning. This time it is inevitable that it is another strategy! We have to figure it out later!”

Next, many people began to stop the Black Hawk agent.

Agent Black Hawk was actually very entangled.

It might really be Ye Junlin’s conspiracy!

He is not sure!

It might really be a trick that Ye Junlin wanted to get rid of himself.

“I think we should lock Ye Junlin’s position first to see where he went!”

Someone suggested.

But at this time they saw Yan Longwei’s live conference!

Also saw the Dark Doctor.

It seemed that the matter was not Ye Junlin’s strategy.

It’s really the same!

Agent Black Hawk realized something was wrong.

He immediately said: “Well, let’s lock Ye Junlin’s position first! I’ll catch up with you first! This thing is rather believable than nothing!”

“Okay, I have locked on where Ye Junlin is! This is the Daxia Golden Eagle fighter!”


The Black Hawk agent drove the Sky Shield’s Lightspeed One aircraft and began to catch up.

This speed is a bit stronger than the Golden Eagle fighter!

However, Ye Junlin could catch up.

But time was completely wasted.

Originally, if the Black Hawk agent set off directly, there was still a chance.

Now ran to find Ye Junlin, and with the blockade from the people before, dozens of minutes was wasted again.

The first line of life is wasted directly…

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