The Protector

Chapter: 2832

Indeed, hope is almost zero.

What Ye Junlin did is to fight hard!

Fight for the last chance!

Basically don’t hold any hope.

At this moment, Li Ziran and his party are looking for Junjun.

But after the power took away Junjun, he disappeared without a trace.

Where do you go to find this?

I don’t even know who took Junjun away?

Later, Li Ziran wanted to contact Ye Junlin, but Ye Junlin had already left.

Where can I get in touch!

And everyone is busy, where can I think about Li Ziran?

However, the dark doctor who knew about this immediately found Li Ziran and his party.

“I probably know who took Mr. Ye’s daughter away!”

With a word of him, Li Ziran almost broke down.

“Ah? Do you know where it is? Say it!”

Everyone surrounded them nervously.

“As far as I know! There is an ancient organization in the West that specializes in ancient monks! For example, I was on their list early! I have long wanted to study me as an ordinary person.

This time, it should be them!

When Mr. Ye and I left from the Eagle Nation, they found out. It was mostly them who exposed Mr. Ye afterwards! Mr. Ye and their Golden Eagle fighters were attacked before, and it should be them too! ”

“I was only suspicious, a little unsure! But they attacked Mr. Ye’s daughter! I’m sure! In the previous battle, Mr. Ye’s daughter showed off, much like the Qi training technique of the Summoner in the legend of Daxia! Daxia gas trainers have always been the target they want to study! It is estimated that for this reason, Mr. Ye’s daughter was taken away.”

The Dark Doctor’s guess was completely correct.

It was suspicion before.

Now that I learned about it.

It was affirmed immediately.

This ancient organization discovered them.

Now the soldiers are coming to Daxia in two ways.

The Dark Doctor immediately looked at Li Ziran: “Mrs. Ye, please don’t worry! Your daughter is temporarily in danger of life! They are just researching!”

“Then can you find them?”

Li Ziran asked excitedly.

“I don’t know, but I will try it! It’s just that there is too little time!”

Said Doctor Dark.

The longest is only ten hours.

It is estimated that it will take a long time to find this ancient organization.

“Forget it, let me give it a try! Give Mr. Ye a favor!”

“Mr. Ye is more nervous than us, so you don’t have to bother!”

Said Doctor Dark.

Finally, he took Li Ziran and his party to search for this ancient organization.

Of course, the urgency of time is no less than that of Ye Junlin.

After Ye Junlin entered the new passage here, he tried to intercept the next two aircraft.

“Make up a little bit of time! But it’s just a minute or two! It won’t work at all!”

God’s brain is gloomy.

“Agent Black Hawk may not be much faster there! I can’t catch up!”


Neither side can catch up.

This is the most desperate thing.

Time is getting longer and longer.

The distance to the super spirit vein is getting closer and closer.

It means hope is getting smaller and smaller.

Time passed by every minute and every second.

half an hour!

One hour!

More than twenty minutes left!

There is still no catching up!

This makes everyone’s heart sink to the bottom!

“No! I can’t go on like this! I have to think of a way!”

Ye Junlin frowned.

“any solution?”

“Now my brain is blank, I can’t think of any way! And the speed of the fighter has been increased to the highest! What else can I do?”

Said the brain of God.

“Then I can only speed up the fighter! I hope I can bear it!”

Ye Junlin jumped.

Jump out of the fighter plane.


He punched it out and tried his best to accelerate the Golden Eagle fighter!

The Golden Eagle fighter was launched at a speed that surpassed its own limit…

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