The Protector

Chapter: 2949

Shortly after.

Ye Junlin arrived at the location of the holy spring.

At first, he thought it was a powerful enemy attacking, but Jiao Tianyu and the others couldn’t stop him.

But after that.

Jiao Tianyu and these people are all fine.

“what’s the situation???”

Ye Junlin asked with a cold face.

Jun Jun in the holy spring has already passed out, and his face is full of poisonous lines of various colors emerging.

Seems to be struggling for a while.

The toxins have gone crazy.

“Little Junior Sister is fine, but suddenly she went mad, like a poison attack!”

Jiao Tianyu whispered beside him.

They were all terrified.

But nothing can be done.

Ye Junlin carefully examines Junjun’s status…

That’s right!

Poison strikes again!

Junjun’s state returned to before liberation overnight.

It was almost the same as when I came to Shengquan before.

It means that it is useless for Junjun to soak in the holy spring these days.

All aspects are already in recession.

Junjun has fallen into a state of drowsiness for a long time.

what happened?

Looking at the holy spring water, it turned black, and Ye Junlin felt that the essence in the spring water seemed to be gone and absorbed.

When the holy spring purifies the toxins from Junjun’s body before, the essence is not lost so fast.

What seems to be absorbing the essence of the holy spring?

He felt uneasy inside.

Ye Junlin carefully examines the reason.


Or the problem of the poison!

This poison is so overbearing!

It can grow and become stronger by itself…

In the beginning, the spring water of the holy spring can suppress or even purify a little bit of toxins.

But at the back, after the toxin adapts.

This poison actually used the holy spring as nourishment, and it has grown itself since it was absorbed.

Especially through the carrier of Junjun.

Easier to absorb nutrients!

After all, this poison will turn Junjun into poison!

The strongest poison really lives up to its reputation.

It can still evolve and grow by itself.

This was unexpected by Ye Junlin.

This poison is so ruthless that Shengquan can’t bear it.

Fortunately, Jun Jun was soaked in the holy spring before and accumulated a lot of medicinal power in his body.

Otherwise, this poison attack would be life-threatening.

Shortly after.

The two doctors in the dark came.

After knowing what happened, the two were also stunned.

“Doesn’t that mean that the holy spring is useless now? If you continue to soak it, I am afraid that the holy spring will become the nutrients of the poison!”

Doctor Dark got to the point.

Ye Junlin was very frustrated and finally found a solution.

Never thought it would turn out like this.

Is this poison too strong?

These chops! ! !

Ye Junlin’s body was full of anger!

The most important point, where will it go?

Shengquan just gave up?

Don’t say that Ye Junlin is unwilling, even in the dark, they are not reconciled.

Could it be that Hope is really the second half volume of Zhen Mo Si and Poison Sutra?

Going to the forbidden land to find the treasures of heaven and earth, this road is dead.

Even the super spiritual veins below the Antarctic cannot find the treasures of heaven and earth.

The ones found in other forbidden places are also limited to cure Junjun’s poison.

The holy spring is useless.

Ye Junlin could only leave with Junjun in his arms.

But he must continue to find a way to detoxify.

“All of you go to Daxia to find the whereabouts of Zhen Mosi, and let me know as soon as you have any clues! I will tell you how to identify them after encountering them.”

Ye Junlin sent Jiao Tianyu 80 people to Daxia, and continued to look for the Zhenmo Division.

Also handed over their special identification method.

As for him, he has to continue to search for heaven and earth treasures in those first-level forbidden areas.

He left the Brain of God behind, and he continued to search for strange people all over the world.

Try everything you can.

When he was about to set off, Doctor Dark suddenly said: “Mr. Ye, I have a solution! Maybe it will work!”

“What can I do? Tell me now!”

Ye Junlin shouted hurriedly just when he lacked direction.

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