The Protector

Chapter: 2818

“Look, this is the picture just captured!”

One of them took out his equipment.

Although they are ancient organizations.

Does it mean that they don’t know how to use modern equipment.

Everyone got together,

Start to view the captured frame.

Suddenly they were surprised to find that they knew one of the other two.

“Isn’t this Daxia’s word side by side with Wang Ye Junlin?”

Someone was surprised.

One of their next tasks is to catch Ye Junlin’s daughter Junjun.

How can they not know each other?

“He turned out to be the one who took Doctor Dark! Unbelievable!”

“Well, we don’t have to chase it anymore. Now that we know where the Dark Doctor is going, it’s easy! Get out!”

“What we just said should have disturbed the War Eagle Nation, and the Sky Shield will be here soon!”

This ancient organization left soon.

Almost two or three minutes.

Agents of the Tiandeng Bureau and mechanical agents came to the New Jincheng General Hospital one after another.

Five minutes later.

They are all here, Agent Black Hawk.

“what happened?”

Agent Black Hawk asked.

“There was an abnormality here just now, there are many strong people gathered, it seems that there is still a battle…”

The people immediately told what had happened.

“Search! Search this hospital thoroughly first!”

The Black Hawk agent gave an order and immediately searched the area by digging three feet.

I have to say that Doctor Dark is hiding too deeply.

Just know that there is a problem with this hospital, so you can let it go.

It took a full three hours to find out.

“In the morgue!”

Agent Black Hawk led a large number of people to the morgue.

But the door was found, but it was difficult to open.

Dozens of mechanical agents were cutting the door.

It took a while before the door was opened.

After coming to the private world of Doctor Dark.

Everyone was amazed.

Various biological specimens from ancient times to the present, various seeds from ancient times, various races…

It can be said that the private domain of Doctor Darkness is much richer than the sum of all the museums of other countries.


“Move everything away intact! Please handle with care and never destroy a little bit!”

Agent Black Hawk ordered.

This is a good thing.

Nothing can be wasted.

“It seems that this is Doctor Dark’s lair, it seems that he has already left!”

Coming out of the other passage, the Black Hawk agent said.

The blade agent next to him said: “I just can’t figure it out, there are people who are faster than us! Looking at the traces of the scene, there should be two groups of forces! They are even faster than us?”

The Polar Bear agent also said: “If the two forces were not in conflict, they would have nothing to say. It would be impossible for us to know! It would take more than three days to find the Dark Doctor at our speed!”

The Black Hawk agent also frowned: “They should not be disturbed by the four targets, they came directly to the Dark Doctor!”

“But now I want to know where is Doctor Dark? He is dead! He must have been taken away by these two forces! The threat is even greater! Find me! Find it quickly!”

“Find it for me at all costs! Don’t tell the head of the game for now!”

Agent Black Hawk was a little angry.

He also told Ye Junlin that he was taken away by other forces.

Ye Junlin doesn’t know where, now the Dark Doctor is in his hand,

At this time they have come to Daxia.

Doctor Dark also breathed a sigh of relief.

If Ye Junlin wanted to kill him, he would have done it early.

There is no need to bring them here.

Taking advantage of Ye Junlin’s effort to contact the Black Hawk agent.

The Dark Doctor began to inquire about the situation with God’s Brain.

“Don’t worry, the two aircraft have safely left the airspace of the Warhawk Nation! They are heading to the position of the spirit vein! It is expected to arrive soon!”

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