The Supreme Lord

Chapter: 1500

Seeing this, countless disciples were shocked. A powerful defensive formation was arranged on the battle platform. This battle platform has stood here for countless years, and no disciple from the outer palace has ever been able to damage it.

But at this moment, under this Mo Su’s sword, the battlefield can’t bear it anymore!

What is this concept?

Doesn’t this mean that Mo Su’s fighting power has reached the peak of the outer palace disciples for countless years!

on the battlefield.

Facing Su Mo’s strike, Ouyang Xiao endured unprecedented pressure.

“Stone Man Bodyguard!”

With his eyes fixed on the terrifying sword energy coming from the attack, Ouyang Xiao roared wildly.

Immediately, his huge stone man martial soul shrunk rapidly, becoming the size of a normal person, overlapping with his body on everything.

Ouyang Xiao’s body immediately seemed to be petrified, and his whole body seemed to have turned into a stone man, full of a strong sense of strength.


Seeing the sword energy approaching, Ouyang Xiao immediately punched out, the punch was like a cannonball, it exploded the space, and hit the three-color sword energy fiercely.


There was a loud bang, the strength burst, the sky and the earth shook, and Ouyang Xiao’s body flew upside down in an instant.

Whoosh! !

Ouyang Xiao flew backwards for several miles, retreated to the edge of the battle platform, and stopped in Kankan.

call out! call out! call out!

But at this time, three more sword qi came attacking, and Ouyang Xiao didn’t have any chance to breathe. It was Su Mo who used his sword again.

The three mighty sword qi were in the shape of a Chinese character character, and approached in front of Ouyang Xiao in an instant without moving forward.


Ouyang Xiao’s expression completely changed, he couldn’t stop it!

The power of each of these three sword qis is more terrifying than the previous one. If he blocks it hard, he may be seriously injured, or even fall on the spot!

The complexion changed rapidly, and Ouyang Xiao gritted his teeth suddenly, and then retreated rapidly, and immediately retreated from the battle platform.

Whoosh! !

The sword qi whizzed past Ouyang Xiao’s head, and then directly slashed on the mountain hundreds of miles away.

Boom boom boom!

The mountain was instantly separated by the sword energy, and three huge canyons appeared.

There was a dead silence at the scene, and everyone stared at this scene in a daze, unable to believe everything in front of them.

Ouyang Xiao was defeated!

This arrogant Mo Su really swept the entire outer palace!

Everyone’s heart was filled with turmoil, and they stared at Su Mo on the battle stage with complicated expressions.

Before Su Mo showed his invincible strength in the outer court, everyone disliked him and thought he was arrogant.

But now, Su Mo’s strength has completely conquered everyone, and no one thinks Su Mo is arrogant anymore.

This world is like this, everything is respected by strength, only when you are strong, will everyone respect you.

On the stage, Su Mo stood upright, and Ouyang Xiao was already defeated if he retreated from the stage, so he stopped looking at him.

Now, Su Mo was waiting, waiting for the arrival of those he hoped for.


It was only a breath time, and there was a sound of breaking the empty body, coming quickly.


Su Mo was overjoyed, but he immediately calmed down the excitement in his heart and tried his best to keep himself calm.

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