The Supreme Lord

Chapter: 6613

At the beginning of the sacred mountain, deep in the forbidden area, the dark coffin shook suddenly.

The coffin lid collapsed and stretched out a skinny and old hand.

The palm of the hand shattered the void, and made a huge palm print, across the endless space towards the direction of Haotian Holy Land.

However, at this moment, a sudden change occurred.

Before the huge palm reached its destination, a huge phantom suddenly appeared in the void. The phantom had many sharp claws, and it grabbed it suddenly and tore the giant palm into pieces.

“who is it?”

An old and deep voice sounded from the coffin, containing a hint of anger.

“Hehe, Human Sovereign in the Beginning, you can’t go!”

The phantom in the depths of the void gradually shrank, turning into an indifferent figure.

The formation of the Divine Mountain of Absolute Beginning has already been activated, and he cannot enter the Divine Mountain of Absolute Beginning, but he only needs to stay outside.

“Locust Venerable, do you dare to stop me?”

The old voice shouted angrily.

He is the Human Sovereign, the Human Sovereign of Absolute Beginning whose lifespan is about to run out.

Before the words were finished, an old figure stood up from the coffin, and rushed out in a flash.

“Haha, you old bastard, a battle with this deity will be the last glory of your life!”

Locust Venerable laughed loudly, if it was the Human Sovereign of the Beginning who was at his peak, maybe he would have to stay away.

But now the Human Sovereign of Taichu, his lifespan is about to be exhausted, not only is his strength not at the peak, he may be about to collapse immediately after the First World War.

With the cultivation base of the second level of the half-step world creation realm, how could he be afraid of the Human Emperor of Absolute Beginning?

At the half-step creation stage, there are two stages.

All the human kings are only at the first level of the half-step creation realm. Only the three human emperors are at the second level, and they are the peak cultivation bases of the second level. Short of a bottleneck.

Among the Yuan Clan, there are two existences at the second level of the half-step Creation Realm, the first ancient ancestor and the second ancient ancestor.

Among them, the first ancient ancestor is said to be the peak of the second level of the half-step creation world, and the second ancient ancestor is a little worse.

But the First Ancient Ancestor has not shown up for many years, and it is difficult for outsiders to know the specific situation.

Boom boom boom! !

The Human Sovereign of Absolute Beginning rushed out, and immediately fought with Locust Venerable.

Immediately, beyond the Divine Mountain of Absolute Beginning, mountains and rivers were annihilated, and the heaven and earth collapsed.

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