Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 10

at the same time!
The hall of the clubhouse was empty, and almost all the guests were cleared and left.
And in a dark corner.
Blood Rose was wearing a red dress, and her enchanting body at the moment was ninety degrees, bowing.
She kept this action for five full minutes.
The nervous emotions made her pretty face flushed, and beads of sweat continued to drip from her forehead.
Sweat dripped down, as if her heart was anxious and nervous.
If this scene were seen by everyone in Jiang City, it would definitely be shocked. Who would have thought that the queen of the Shengshi Club would bow to a sofa at this moment.
Especially, this bow, for five minutes, did not dare to get up.
“Are you the little girl from ten years ago?”
Just when the blood rose was extremely nervous, an indifferent voice resounded from the dim sofa.
It is Lin Fan.
He was half lying on the sofa, like a dark ghost, staring at the blood rose in front of him.
Heard this!
The blood rose’s delicate body trembled fiercely, and the back of the head drooped a little further, and respectfully said:
“Yes! Ten years ago, the BOSS saved me!” At this point, a wry smile appeared at the corner of her mouth:
“I just didn’t expect that you turned out to be the king of the blood prison!” The blood prison!
This name may be rarely heard in Jiang City, but if it is in the global dark world, this is definitely a name that makes all the chaebol giants fearful.
Go out in the Blood Prison, there will be no grass!
All forces targeted by the Blood Prison are like lambs to be slaughtered. In these ten years, hundreds of international forces, large and small, have been suppressed and killed.
Especially the King of Blood Prison!
Mysterious, terrifying, powerful, and dictatorial!
He controlled the global dark world with one hand, and for ten years, no one had ever seen him except for the top high-level officials in the blood prison, because all the enemies who had seen him were…dead!
But Blood Rose knows that the King of Blood Prison is now the new boss of Universal Group!
In front of me… Lin Fan!
“The King of Blood Prison?”
Lin Fan muttered, and a playful arc appeared at the corner of his mouth.
He hasn’t heard of this name for three years.
At the moment, Lin Fan took a deep look at Blood Rose, and then said indifferently:
“I don’t want outsiders to know who I am! You, understand?”
This sentence caused Blood Rose to shudder involuntarily, and then quickly nodded. :
“Subordinates understand! Please rest assured, Wang!”
Seeing this scene, Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction.
Just at this moment!
“Lin Fan!” There was a crisp sound, but Bai Yi and the others, hula la, walked out of the box.
At the moment, Lin Fan nodded to the blood rose.
The blood rose slowly backed away with interest, and the whole person retreated into the dim light, turned and left.
Just as Bai Yi approached, she noticed the fiery red figure leaving.
The first reaction was that the fiery red shadow was like a blood rose.
It’s just that she seemed to see that the blood rose was saluting Lin Fan?
how can that be!
“No! I should have admitted wrong!”
Bai Yi shook his head and threw the absurd idea in his mind out of his mind. Then he walked to Lin Fan and asked anxiously:
“Lin Fan, you and I’ll be honest, where did this card come from?”
Bai Yi shook the Skeleton Emperor card in his hand.
Heard this!
Lin Fan then understood what Bai Yi and the others came from.
However, he has not yet waited for him to explain.
Wen Qian on the side jumped out and said,
“Lin Fan, you have to be honest! This card is extraordinary, did you steal it?”
“I can tell you, if you stole it, then you do it. It was a terrible disaster! Not only you are dead, but Bai Yi and Bai’s family will also be destroyed by you!”
Wen Qian’s eyes stared at Lin Fan, full of disgust and contempt.
Hearing these two words, Lin Fan’s eyes flashed coldly, and he was too lazy to explain.
He leaned lazily on the back of the sofa, looked at Wen Qian lightly, and said:
“I stole it, so what!”
As soon as these words came out, Bai Yi and others brushed it up, and all the faces were as earthy.
Actually stole it?
Bai Yi only felt dizzy. This was the Skeleton Emperor Card, the highest-level card in the Shengshi Club. The dignity of the holder’s identity was beyond imagination.
When Lin Fan stole this card, it was a disaster.
In an instant, the cold sweat on Bai Yi’s forehead rushed down, and his whole person was completely frightened.
And behind!
The other old classmates also looked like ants on a hot pot, angry and upset:
“Lin Fan, how can you do this! Even if you are a trash, you can’t steal things!”
“Yes! Even if you steal What not to steal! stole this card? court death is not it? ” ” it’s over! over! If the owner is aware of this card, that those of us who have finished! ” ”
…… ”
everyone’s face, give all Anxious and restless.
On the contrary, Wen Qian let out a long sigh of relief.
What she feared most was this card, which really belonged to Lin Fan’s waste.
After all, a trash that she looked down upon and despised and disgusted, if there is any shocking background, she would not accept it.
And steal it?
Humph! What an idiot looking for death!
Wen Qian thought that Lin Fan was over.
“Bai Yi, get a divorce with this trash! He stole this card and it will definitely hurt you!” Wen Qian immediately persuaded Bai Yi.
Hearing these two words, Bai Yi’s body trembled fiercely, and her pretty face became paler.
“No…” For a long time, Bai Yi gave Lin Fan a disappointed look, and then said firmly:
“Lin Fan is my husband! Even if he is useless, even if he makes trouble! It is still my husband! I will Take it with him… ” What!”
As soon as these words came out, Wen Qian and others could hardly believe their ears.
As for Lin Fan, his body was shaken, and a trace of warmth flowed through his heart.
He didn’t see the wrong person!
Bai Yi is still the kind little girl who gave him buns and made him reborn.
“Bai Yi, are you really afraid that I will hurt you?” Lin Fan looked straight at Bai Yi, serious and solemn.
Hearing this, Bai Yi was completely mad, and all the worries and disappointments came to his heart, and he slapped him down with a slap.
Lively hit Lin Fan’s face.
Her delicate body even fell into Lin Fan’s arms, her nose sour, and tears broke completely:
“Asshole! Lin Fan, you asshole! You are my man and my husband! How could I be afraid of you? It hurts me!”
“You live, I live! You die, I die! Why don’t you understand! Why! Woo…”
Bai Yi lay on Lin Fan’s body, tears like a broken string. , Keep sliding down.
Heartbreaking crying!
It broke our hearts!
Even if Lin Fan disappointed her again and again and saddened her again and again, she never thought about divorce.
She only knew that the man in front of her was her husband!
Seeing Bai Yi crying silently!
Lin Fan smiled…
He could completely avoid the slap just now, but he didn’t.
In his eyes, it was Bai Yi’s love vent.
This stupid girl, knowing that she is a waste, knowing she has caused a terrible disaster, and is willing to live and die with her, then what can he not give her!
Lin Fan stretched out a hand and stroked Bai Yi’s black hair lightly. Then he said softly:
“Bai Yi, don’t worry, no one in this world can hurt you!”
“No one… !!!”
This sentence made Bai Yi’s body tremble. It was the first time she heard that Lin Fan said such affectionate words to her, which made her cry louder.
However, at this moment!
A frantic laughter resounded from behind the crowd:
“Hahaha…you trash! Now worry about yourself!”
Hearing this, everyone swept back and looked behind.
Suddenly I saw that Lin Guangyao led a group of people, hula la, coming here quickly.
The momentum is raging and crowded!
Dozens of people!
The two young men headed by are the two evil young men in Jiangshi, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian!
This scene changed everyone’s complexion, especially thinking that Lin Fan had hit two cars with less evils before, and everyone’s heart was filled with fear!
That’s it!
Lin Fan is completely finished!
Everyone can’t help but avoid, for fear of being caught by the pond fish.
And Lin Guangyao had even more eyes, staring at Lin Fan, filled with a vicious smile of schadenfreude:
“Master, it’s this guy! He ran into your car! He’s still swaying here, almost killing him!”
Abolish him, interrupt his hands and feet, and make him completely disabled!” Lin Guangyao said, the excitement on his face became more and more intense.
Not only him!
Wen Qian, also happy!
She didn’t expect that the two great evil youngsters came so quickly, and looking at the menacing appearance, she would like to tear Lin Fan into pieces!
The hula la’s footsteps are like death knell!
Let everyone’s hearts tremble even more!
And Bai Yi has stopped crying!
Her pretty face was as pale as paper, and she never expected that her squad leader would be so ruthless and betray them.
“Lin Fan, go! Go!”
Bai Yi was anxiously sweating, and wanted to get up and drag Lin Fan to escape.
Lin Fan didn’t move, but instead patted her palm and smiled slightly:
“Don’t worry! There is me!”
Bai Yi was stunned. She saw that Lin Fan’s face at this moment did not show the slightest fear or anxiety, but a kind of domineering and self-confidence that looked at the world.
This expression even calmed down Bai Yi’s uneasy emotions.
It seems that this man is her heaven and can help her support everything.
This ……
White Iraq this moment even could not believe, she was also completely calmed down:
“!! Well he is my husband, since he does not go, no matter what happens, I have with him”
think of here !
Bai Yi’s heart relaxed, she slowly sat beside Lin Fan, with him, waiting for the storm to come.
And at the moment!
Lin Guangyao brought Xu Ziheng and others to the front.
Seeing Lin Fan sitting lazily on the sofa, a thick anger raged in Lin Guangyao’s heart.
At the moment he said to Xu Ziheng and others:
” Young Master ! Look at this kid’s pretending appearance! Abolish him, and see if he can continue to pretend to be like this!” The words were harsh!
Lin Guangyao couldn’t wait to hear Lin Fan’s screams.
As for Wen Qian, it was even more like seeing Lin Fan’s tragic disuse, the smile on her face was hard to conceal.
Just, the next scene!
But the sneers on Lin Guangyao and Wen Qian’s faces were instantly stiff!
Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian actually knelt down in front of Lin Fan!

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