Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1073

Hundreds of green military vehicles rushed away from the guard station in Jiang City, like a torrent of steel.
The scene was extremely spectacular.
The passers-by around, one by one, stopped, or took pictures and recorded videos, all with awe-inspiring expressions.
And on the side of the road.
Sima Yan’er was holding a few boxes of coffee in her hand and was slowly walking towards the guard station.
But when she saw so many military vehicles, she couldn’t help being stunned.
“Dragon and Tiger Legion!”
Looking at the dragon and tiger army emblem on the military vehicle, Sima Yan’er’s pretty face changed slightly. She couldn’t understand how the Dragon and Tiger Legion, a terrorist force, would appear in the urban area of ​​Jiangnan.
This is more than that.
When the military vehicle in the middle of the convoy galloped past Sima Yan’er, she could hardly believe her eyes.
“In that car is the Dragon and Tiger God of War? And… Lin Fan?”
Sima Yan’er glanced at it, but saw that there were three people in that car.
The driver is Hu Shuai, and the co-pilot is Long Shuai.
And the thin figure sitting in the back row looked like Lin Fan.
“Impossible! I must be dazzled!”
Sima Yan’er shook her head vigorously, only feeling that she had hallucinations.
After all, she saw it with her own eyes.
The two big men, Dragon, Tiger, and God of War, personally drove for a little Lin Fan, which was almost like a fantasy.
What’s more, that guy is still locked in the interrogation room of the guard station.
Thought of this.
Sima Yan’er took the coffee and walked quickly towards the guard.
However, when she came to the guard station, an even more incredible scene appeared.
See you!
In the entire guard station, almost all the police officers were in the courtyard, and their faces were still full of horror and shock.
As if they had just experienced something terrible.
Not only that.
There were even a few police officers with a body bag at the door, and there were even patches of scarlet blood on the ground, as if a murder had just occurred.
“You… why are you all outside? What happened just now?”
Sima Yan’er asked a police officer at this moment.
Just heard this.
The corner of the police officer’s mouth twitched, and a wry smile appeared, but he did not dare to answer.
This scene made Sima Yan’er’s doubts more intense.
At that moment, she stepped forward and came to the side of the body bag.
When she squatted down and unchained the body bag, she saw Wei Fengqiang’s hideous head and the headless body at that moment.
This scene caused Sima Yan’er’s body to tremble, and she was so scared that she fell to the ground:
“Big… Captain?”
The cold sweat rushed down from Sima Yan’er’s forehead, why did she Unexpectedly, the person who died would be Wei Fengqiang.
“No, that’s not right! The captain was in the interrogation room before, interrogating Lin Fan, how could he die here!”
Thinking of Lin Fan, Sima Yan’er hurriedly asked the surrounding police officers:
“Where is Lin Fan? Is he still in the interrogation room?”
Lin Fan!
At this moment, Sima Yan’er was stunned to discover that after she said the name, the police officers around, as if they had heard the name of the god of death, their faces were full of horror.
One of the police officers, while wiping cold sweat, replied tremblingly:
“Captain Yan’er, Lin…Mr. Lin’s matter has come to light. He has been acquitted!”
In a word, Sima Yan’er was stunned. In her mind, the figure that Dragon Tiger and God of War drove away could not help.
Could it be that it really is… Lin Fan?

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