Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1104

At this moment, the atmosphere in the entire ward completely exploded.
Both Shen Taigong’s family and Baishan couple couldn’t believe their ears.
500 million endorsement fee, one year period.
This…this is simply a super sky-high price, let alone an ordinary person, even the top celebrity artist in the Chinese entertainment industry can not get such a sky-high price.
And now!
Everyone in the room was shocked.
However, this is just the beginning.
Next to Huayi CEO Zhou Feng, a middle-aged beautiful woman also hurriedly said:
“Mr. Lin Fan, I am the chairman of ATV Li Nan. This time I came here to invite Mr. Lin Fan to participate in our ultimate star avenue. Appearance fee of 500 million yuan! Production of 5
episodes! ” Wow!
The words of this beautiful woman were like a bomb, making everyone who had been stunned almost fell to the ground in terror.
This is a television station for dozens of countries in Asia.
Especially the Avenue of Ultimate Stars, who are the top superstars in various countries, are eligible to participate.
Everyone couldn’t imagine that the other party would invite Lin Fan, and the appearance fee was 500 million, and the production of five installments was equivalent to 100 million in one installment.
This is so…
However, the shock has just begun.
“Mr. Lin, our Universe Group is extremely satisfied with your image. We also want to ask you to be an endorsement. You can mention the endorsement fee. As long as you bid, we will definitely satisfy you!”
“Mr. Lin, we want your image Authorization, you can sign the price at will!”
Words after another came from the mouths of these people at the door.
Until then.
Everyone in the ward knows that these people are almost all CEOs of China and Asia’s top entertainment companies.
Especially their quotes fell in the ears of everyone in the ward, like a thunderstorm, making their scalp numb.
Bai Yan’s whole body seemed to have been drained of all strength, and she fell to the ground, her pretty face pale as paper.
“Really… is it really Lin Fan?”
She was dumbfounded.
At this moment, he quickly took out his mobile phone and once again compared the sensational China photo with Lin Fan.
The temperament is different, but the faces are more similar as they look.
The dress is different, but the figure looks like a person.
It turned out to be…Lin Fan.
“Impossible! Just a piece of clothing, how can a person’s image undergo such a big change? How did this guy do it?”
Bai Yan was completely shocked, especially when he saw the various candidates. If she was thirsty, she was utterly stunned by the many entertainment bosses who were full of fawning.
More than her!
The three of Shen Taigong’s family, as well as the Baishan couple, are also comparing the photo with Lin Fan at this moment.
After confirming that it was just a suit that made Lin Fan discriminate between two people, everyone in the ward took a breath.
“Sorry everyone, I have no interest in your endorsements!”
Lin Fan didn’t care about everyone’s astonishment at all, but said with a smile to the many entertainment bosses.
Seeing Lin Fan so categorically rejecting the sky-high price contracts, Bai Yan and others couldn’t believe their ears.
“Oh my God! How could this happen!”
“Lin Fan personally endorses the Xin Bai family, what about Zheng Hao?”
Bai Yan muttered incredulously with a pale face.
However, after hearing her murmur, Huayi CEO Zhou Feng couldn’t help but sneered and said:
“Zheng Hao? It’s just an actor!”
“He has offended Mr. Lin and has now been banned by our group forever!”
What !
In a word, Bai Yan’s eyes almost fell out.
Zheng Hao, a top-rate little fresh meat, was blocked because he offended Lin Fan?
how can that be.
For an instant, Bai Yan looked at Lin Fan as if he had seen a ghost.

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